Welcome to Operation Unity

Please watch the video below to learn how to get the most out of this platform.

Sharing Resources

We provide social media graphics, videos, captions/descriptions and other resources for you to effectively share the UNIFYD TV platform with your community;

The Creatives folder contains resources you can use to promote UNIFYD TV at ANY TIME

The Ambassador Telegram Channel delivers Fresh New Content Daily to supplement what you’re already sharing

Tracking Referrals & Payouts

Referrals are assigned to you when a someone first joins UNIFYD TV through your unique Ambassador Link and remain assigned to you for the duration of their time with us. As long as they are subscribed to UNIFYD TV, you will earn 50% commission every time the customer is charged – even if they are subscribed years down the line, you will still be credited for it.

Earned commissions are paid out on a monthly basis – please be sure to set up your bank account for deposits in the Payout Settings, otherwise you will not be paid!

Earning Potential

We grow together & that’s the goal! The more you earn, the more we all earn, and the more humanity prospers. See the earnings potential of Operation UNITY with the milestones below:

Sharing Principles

UNIFYD TV is more than just another video streaming platform.

UNIFYD TV is a movement that stands for unifying humanity through spreading higher awareness via the platforms’ content – original series, documentaries, workshops, guided meditations and so much more!

By joining Operation UNITY and becoming an Ambassador of UNIFYD TV, you are joining us and our mission in bringing awareness to mankind

We ask that you share the knowledge in a way that respects quality over quantity – the knowledge ‘sells’ itself to the right people when you don’t try to sell it to them – simply share the content we provide and watch the income flow!

Our sharing resources are written to help you communicate properly with your communities so that we can maintain integrity with our mission; feel free to use them as is, or as inspiration/guidance for writing your own.

And PS you should never feel guilty about earning income for yourself. The income you’re earning is through a good cause – waking up humanity!

The money mindset to adopt is this: “I need to make as much money as possible because the more money I make, the more people I can help.”

Money is simply a form of energy, and energy is defined by ‘the ability to do work.’ Grow your energy reserves as an Ambassador for Operation UNITY and use your earnings to do even more great work in the world!