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Frequencies, Part 1: Was Einstein Right About the Future of Medicine?

Trump Makes MASSIVE Donation to Residents of East Palestine, Ohio as Biden Continues to Donate Arms to Ukraine

McCarthy says he ‘promised’ to release Jan. 6 tapes

Musk vs. Schwab at World Government Summit — Two Competing Visions for the Future

New Mobile Phone Service Shows We Can Have Both Privacy and Nice Things

Rumble wins injunction against New York’s online censorship law

Lawmakers push for temporary halt of off-shore windfarm in light of latest whale death

An ocean of noise: how sonic pollution is hurting marine life

Predictive Programming

The Ohio Train Derailment Story Has A Disturbing Netflix Connection

I Thought I Was Saving Trans Kids. Now I’m Blowing the Whistle.

North Korea defector compares woke US ideology, education to regime tactics

South Dakota House Passes Bill to Ban Absentee Ballot Drop Boxes in Elections

How Government Insulated Big Pharma from Liability

ChatGPT’s globalist messaging

FBI Collusion With Twitter ‘Shocking,’ Witnesses Tell Panel at ‘Weaponization’ Hearing

How America Took Out The Nord Stream Pipeline

The lies ‘just kept coming’ during Biden’s State of the Union speech

Did the US Cause the Quake Using the HAARP System?

Thailand to Ban Pfizer After Thai Princess Falls Into a Coma Following Booster Jab

Klaus Schwab, the World Economic Forum, and the New Fascism Part 1: The Perils of Utopia

Jordan Peterson Announces Alternative to World Economic Forum

Key Revelations of the ‘Twitter Files’

Rubio Sends Letter Demanding Answers From Pfizer Over Project Veritas Video

Pfizer Director Jordon Trishton Walker Shares Concern for COVID Vaccine Effect on Women’s Reproductive Health

Zelensky Sent Out Government Decree to Destroy all information on Hunter Biden’s Metabiota Company on Same Day as Russian Invasion

It’s Time for the Scientific Community to Admit We Were Wrong About COVID and It Cost Lives

Universal Digital Payments Network launched at Davos

CHD Sues FDA to Obtain Documents Related to VAERS Reports on COVID Vaccine Injuries, Deaths

The EU just approved insects for human consumption with plenty of ‘environmental benefits’

mRNA Vaccines in Livestock and Companion Animals Are Here Now

Retired FBI counterintel agent reportedly involved in Trump-Russia probe arrested for ties to Russian oligarch

Reject Net Zero, Embrace Energy Freedom

The Year the Cabal Enslaved America

Winter Is For Hibernating: 10 Tips for Improving Your Sleep

Federal Agency May Ban Gas Stoves Across US Over Health Hazards

Bank Of America Customers Woke Up To Missing Funds From Their Accounts

Fired Workers Sue New York City, Seek $250 Million and End to COVID Vaccine Mandate

Utah doctor allegedly destroyed vaccines, gave fake shots to children

Who’s Running the World? 8 Takeaways From This Week’s WEF Meeting

Donald Trump Jr. Aims to Build Up ‘Parallel Economy’ of Conservative Companies Protecting Free Speech

Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.) Founder Tim Ballard Reveals Details of Child Trafficking Raids in Ecuador, Mexico, Ukraine

USA extends Covid vaccine requirement for foreign visitors

Unvaccinated soldiers left behind as mandate lifted

Military Documents About Gain of Function Contradict Fauci Testimony Under Oath

Republicans WILL Release Over 14,000 Hours of Hidden January 6 Tapes

Lawyers found more classified documents at Joe Biden’s home

Classified documents found at Biden’s namesake think tank

Pilot Snaps Aerial Photos of Rare Albino Humpback Whale Calf Swimming With Its Mother

New browser extension replaces Wikipedia pages in search results with Encyclosphere pages

Hip-hop artist, Hi-Rez, defies mainstream narrative by spreading the truth through his music

Supreme Court to consider election case that seeks to remove Biden, Harris from office

The Big Lie: How Fauci Instilled Panic and Set the Stage for Lockdowns

6 ‘Noncompliance’ Strategies for Protecting Kids and Teens in 2023

Elon Musk Announces New Twitter Policy to Follow and Question Science

Russian state TV celebrates ‘brave’ Lauren Boebert and Matt Gaetz for undermining Ukraine

House Republicans plan committee on “weaponization of the federal government” after FBI censorship revelations

Secret Back Channel Between FTX and White House Closed the Day After FTX Filed for Bankruptcy

Science groups debunk media assertions blaming natural disasters on ‘climate change’

Stress Weight Gain Is Different Than Other Forms Of Weight Gain, Here’s Why

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission & Etsy Crack Down on Scalar Energy

Orgone Energy: The Greatest Discovery SUPPRESSED by The FDA

IRS delays new tax-reporting rule on Venmo, PayPal payments over $600

Judge Releases Sam Bankman-Fried on $250 Million Bail

Germany Returns to Coal as Energy Security Trumps Climate Goals

‘Gaslighting’ named ‘word of the year’

Holiday Eating And Drinking: What Party Foods To Consume (+ Why You Crave What You Do)

How To Shield Your Home Against EMF Exposure

EMF Pollution and Chronic Disease — What’s the Connection?

Did Nazis Study Insects for Use in Biological Warfare?

The Hidden History Of Lyme Disease: Links To Biological Warfare Research

Here’s what a source said about the CIA and JFK’s assassination

US Government Releases New Set of JFK Assassination Records

The disappearance of the American man

FDA Says Ivermectin Doesn’t Work Against COVID-19 but Points to Studies That Show It Does

Billionaire-Funded Green ‘Churnalism’

BlackRock: Prepare For Recession “Unlike Any Other”… And What Worked Before “Won’t Work Now”

Lawmakers Agree to Rescind Military’s Covid-19 Mandate in Defense Deal

Former Twitter CEO’s potential legal liability after congressional testimony

Twitter had regular meetings with FBI, allowed them to flag tweets

AI and Transhumanism: Could Quest for Super-intelligence and Eternal Life Lead to a Dystopian Nightmare?

Elon Musk’s Neuralink Could Be Trialed In Humans In 2023

Rumble files lawsuit to challenge New York’s social media censorship law

SoCal Chinese Students Support Anti-Lockdown Protests in China

Apple CEO Tim Cook is questioned after company limited popular protest tool in China

FTX’s Collapse Was a Crime, Not an Accident

Twitter Addresses Child Exploitation as Musk’s #1 Priority

Could You Be Electrosensitive?

The Real Reason Grounding Works: The Healing Power of the Earth, Finally Explained

With States Hands-Off, Homeschooling Takes Off

Fed and big banks begin 12 week digital currency simulation

Dr. Fauci sits for deposition in COVID-19 social media censorship case

CBS verifies Hunter Biden laptop, becoming latest news outlet to pivot after dismissing scandal in 2020

Protesters Angered By Lockdowns Call For China’s Xi To Step Down

Google’s $391 million settlement pushes Big Tech fines over $3 billion in 2022

Big Banks Team Up With Feds to Test Digital Dollar Pilot Program Amid FTX Cryptocurrency Scandal

Central Banks Are Buying Gold At The Fastest Pace In 55 Years

Berlin to Redo Their Fraudulent Elections Following Long Lines, No Ballots, Voter Suppression – Berlin High Court Throws out Results

Judicial Watch Appealing To Get Evidence of ‘Unprecedented’ FBI Access to Private Jan. 6 Bank Records

Elon Musk reinstates Donald Trump on Twitter

House Republicans Introduce Legislation Auditing Ukraine Spending

House Republicans allege Biden directly involved in business dealings with son Hunter Biden

The False Matrix is Collapsing – Take Heart!

Dead Democrats win re-election

“I Feel Like We Are Watching the First Wholly Manufactured Election in Our History”

Preparing For The Cashless Transition

SEC Chair Gensler Discusses Crypto Regulation Following FTX Collapse — Says This Field Is ‘Significantly Non-Compliant’

Collapsed cryptocurrency exchange FTX had ties to Ukrainian government, WEF, and top Biden adviser

‘It’s all gone’: FTX bankruptcy has retail traders bracing for losses

University Students to Take Legal Action Over ‘Lockdown’ Education That Saw Classes Moved Online

Asian And Middle East Central Banks Claim Success With Digital Currency Pilot

Plan to Release GMO Mosquitoes in California Draws Fire From California Lawmakers and Environmentalists

Pandemics Explained By Terrain Theory

Oil is Not a Fossil Fuel: The Real Science of Abiotic Oil and Serpentinization

UK “Nudge Unit” recommends banks track carbon footprint of transactions, reward “sustainable behaviors”

Facebook has a special portal for government officials to request user content be throttled or suppressed for vaguely defined disinformation

Mom Homeschools Son After Public School Brands Him ‘Handicapped’; Now She Runs Her Own School

QAnon and on. Support for Satanic pedophile elite theory jumped 5% this year to 49M: expert says ‘cults are beginning to dominate our political landscape’

YouTube: Users will have to commit to WHO-approved practices to be labeled as “reliable” in algorithm

U.S. Treasury asks major banks if it should buy back bonds

Digitizing gold will unlock a door to new investors – World Gold Council CEO

Musk Fires Person Who Censored Hunter Biden Story, Banned Conservative Accounts

Twitter confirms completion of Elon Musk’s $44 billion acquisition deal

10 PayPal alternatives – for privacy or free speech

How to delete your PayPal account

Technical Possibilities for a U.S. Central Bank Digital Currency

JPMorgan Must Face Suit by Fired Trader Claiming Retaliation

America’s ‘once unthinkable’ chip export restrictions will hobble China’s semiconductor ambitions

COVID-19 Vaccine Injury, Syndrome Not a Disease: FLCCC Conference Shares How to Treat It

Real Estate Is No Longer Recommended by Robert Kiyosaki For Building Wealth

Why solar is not the solution to the energy crisis

A ‘Profound Awakening’ Is Underway in the Unlikeliest of Places

Anti-Feminist Women’s Conference Wants to ‘Make Women Great Again’

EU to Demand Holidaymakers’ Fingerprints and Facial Images at Borders in Latest Ramp-Up of Mass Digital Surveillance

Companies collapse at fastest rate since financial crisis as energy bills soar

Judge dismisses case over FBI raid of 1,400 private safe-deposit boxes and seizure of millions in jewelry and cash

U.S. Congressman Introduces Gold Standard Bill as Inflation Spirals Out of Control

Trump sues CNN for ‘fake news’ — and demands $475 million in compensation

Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

A Guide to Eating Seasonally in Autumn

Reversing Alzheimer’s with Dr. Bill McGraw

Aluminum Toxicity: 4 Ways to Detox Your Brain & Body

Key Takeaways from WEF 2022 on Crypto, Stablecoins, Larger Finance Industry

BRICS new currency could benefit gold and Bitcoin

BRICS Explores Creating New Reserve Currency

Why Community Matters During Times of Crisis

8 Ways to Prepare for Hyperinflation

Grocery store prices aren’t coming down anytime soon

Eat or Heat: Europeans Already Are Facing Previously Unthinkable Dilemmas

Silver Inventories Plummet at LBMA and COMEX

Iran Launches Central Bank Digital Currency Scheme With Local Banks And Shops

China’s yuan is making headway a global reserve currency, with 85% of central banks keen on holding the asset

Chancellor and Bank of England urged to prop up pound as banks pull mortgage deals

The Meridian System & the Energetic Aspect of the Tooth/Body Connection

What Causes Receding Gums and How to Stop it

Did You Know About The Chronic Lyme And Dental Health Connection?

Japan takes big steps towards a cashless society

Biden Admin Launches Office of Environmental Justice and External Civil Rights

Climate Change: Light on Science, Heavy on Propaganda

The Fundamental Push for Communism in America

Guide to Superfoods

The Vindication of Cheese, Butter, and Full-Fat Milk

Why Promoters of Great Reset Are Pushing Ultra-Processed Foods

Court upholds Texas’ anti-censorship social media law

Who are the Black Nobility?

Biden Uses Executive Order To Institutionalize Eugenics Through Transhumanism

The EU is running a digital ID pilot

Mitigation Is the Golden Calf

Treasury expected to call for cryptocurrency regulation after Biden review

Back to school: 5 tips for homeschooling the kids as more parents ditch classrooms

Moms for Liberty Shares Tips for Fighting Transgender Curriculum

Former Greenpeace Founder Patrick Moore Says Climate Change Based on False Narratives

Electric Cars Unable to Go the Distance

Smart Meters – The Household Device That Spies on You 24/7

400 Doctors and Professionals Declare International Medical Crisis Due to Covid Vaccine Injuries and Deaths

Operation London Bridge: Here’s what happens now that Queen Elizabeth is dead

UK anti-lockdown protesters sentenced for using ‘abusive words and threatening behaviour’ toward BBC journalist

Canadian government instructed airlines to reject vaccine exemptions

NYC to use pension fund investments to push Mastercard and American Express to flag gun sales

Lockdowns and the Loss of Love and Family

RFK Jr. Wins Case Against Government For Vaccine Safety Violations

The Erasure of Nations – Where Does the USA Stand?

The Real Inconvenient Truth: Arctic Sea Ice Has Grown Since 2012

The Well-Being of Homeschooling

Existential Migrants: Those Who Leave Home

Fiat Currency – Why It Is Making You Poor

Dealing with inflation now an urgent issue, BIS chief says

WEF: ‘Solid, Rational Reasons’ to Implant Microchips in Kids

Facebook to let “fact checkers” comment on posts that “may not be verifiably false”

Dr. Anthony Fauci stepping down as NIAID chief, WH medical adviser in December

No, the Arctic isn’t Warming Four Times Faster Than the Planet

Facebook bans Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s Children’s Health Defense

Just as the CDC pretends to have backed off, the NHS reveals (to just a few) what’s really coming at us in the fall: “The biggest vaccination drive in history”

Too little, too late: Disband the CDC now

BC forcing unvaccinated mothers to pay back up to $50K in maternity leave

New Book Challenges COVID-19 Vaccine Narrative

9 Ways to Take Responsibility for Your Life

3 Tips To Successfully Escape The 9-To-5 Grind

VPN Providers

World Economic Forum proposes AI to automate censorship of “hate speech” and “misinformation”

German Researchers Examine Covid “Vaccines” and Vaccinated People’s Blood and Say Stop Vaccinations Immediately

The Demonization of Dissent

How Nature Therapy Helps Your Mental Health

Controlled Opposition and the Truth Movement

Central bank digital currency cast aside in Japan

When did memes become a police matter?

Massive Coral Growth at the Great Barrier Reef Continues to Defy all the Fashionable Doomsday Climate Predictions

Hungarian Prime Minister Warns the West Against a Communist Takeover

New Civil Liberties Alliance joins lawsuit against Biden administration for Big Tech censorship collusion

Tooth Meridian Chart

Holistic Dental Care and the Oral Microbiome

Is it Mental or is it Dental?

Excess death patterns point to covid jabs

The Monkeypox Puzzle

Monopoly – Who Owns the World? [Documentary]

Fauci, Top Biden Officials Subpoenaed in Lawsuit Alleging They Colluded With Social Media to Suppress Free Speech

False Flag Staged Shooting Events: 13 Important Elements To Look For

Mass Incarceration and the War on Guns

Mass Shootings Are a ‘Societal Problem, Not a Gun Problem’: Former FBI Agent

UN’s Agenda 2030: The True Objectives Behind Their 17 ‘New Sustainable Development Goals’

Alex Newman Explains UN Agenda 2030 Behind Farming Restrictions

UN touts, then memoryholes, ‘the benefits of world hunger’

The Real Story of January 6 [Documentary]

Phishing Scams to Watch Out For in Cryptocurrency

Grounding: Exploring Earthing Science and the Benefits Behind It

Should You Be Worried About EMF Exposure?

How to Eat Local and Become a Locavore – Benefits & Challenges

Sri Lanka and the Start of a Starvation Pandemic

Natural Immunity From Omicron Strong Against Virus Subvariants: Study

Life through the lens of the vaccine-injured

Belgium is the latest country to propose a digital ID system

Tucker Carlson: The Biden administration has criminalized American politics

Mothers May Pass Lyme Disease to Children in the Womb

Lyme Bacteria Virulence: What You Must Know About Borrelia

Tick Bait: The Secret History of Lyme Disease

The Most Important Realization On The Path Towards Awakening

New study: COVID vaccination shown to decrease sperm counts

Why The Great Reset Food Strategy Includes Lab-Cultured Meat

Some Facebook employees demand censorship of climate change skepticism

The Rich World’s Climate Hypocrisy

1 in 3 Kids Worldwide at Risk From Drought, Flooding, Extreme Heat, Air Pollution or Water Scarcity

Making it Rain: The Science of Weather Manipulation

12 Ways to Clean Indoor Air at Home

Air Pollution Knocks 2.2 Years Off Life Expectancy

Interview: Veda Austin on the Intelligence of Water

Can the Moon Influence the Effects of Energy Healing?

Brené Brown’s Atlas of the Heart: Defensiveness and Flooding

Dr. Simone Gold Sentenced to Prison For Speaking with Megaphone Inside US Capitol on January 6

Leaked Video of Elon Musk’s Address to Twitter Employees About ‘Essential’ Nature of Free Speech

Shocking microscopy photos of blood clots extracted from those who “suddenly died”

Why Menstrual Leave Matters

Canada to introduce mandatory monkeypox quarantine

How to Detox from Glyphosate

Glyphosate and the Gut

100 Percent Green Energy Could Destroy the Planet

Death-by-expert: A cross-country study

US Government Paid News Media $1 Billion For Propaganda to Promote mRNA Vaccines

COVID Vaccines – Consequences On The Soul, Spirit, And Life After Death

The 9 Best Pantry Foods To Store For A Crisis

One Of The Largest Egg Factories In US Torched In The Middle Of The Night Amid Outbreak Of Fires In Food Processing Facilities Across The Nation

COVID-19 Vaccination for Children Under 5 May Start by June 21: White House

Monkeypox – a smokescreen for a global health powergrab?

Retired Lawyer Claims Rolled out COVID Jabs Differ From Those Trialed Before Authorization

WEF Launches ‘Metaverse’ Initiative, Predicts Digital Lives Will Become ‘More Meaningful to Us Than Our Physical Lives’

Quinine Inhibits Infection of Human Cell Lines with SARS-CoV-2 [PDF]

Quinine Inhibits Infection of Human Cell Lines with SARS-CoV-2

Homemade Baby Formula

Big Pharma Greed Led to Baby Formula Crisis

If You’re the Right Race, Your Doctor Will See You Now

As Questions Swirl Around Monkeypox Origins and Risk, Vaccine Makers Set Sights on Profits

WEF wants kids to learn in the metaverse to curb climate change

Deaths, Injuries and Waning Efficacy: The Latest Bad News on COVID Vaccines

10 Key Facts That Unravel The COVID Narrative

Neuro Emotional Technique for the treatment of trigger point sensitivity in chronic neck pain sufferers: A controlled clinical trial [PDF]

Neuro Emotional Technique for the treatment of trigger point sensitivity in chronic neck pain sufferers: A controlled clinical trial

Neuro Emotional Technique (NET)

Forest Bathing Relieves Stress, Fights Cancer, Strengthens Immunity

Are Israeli schools teaching a World Economic Forum curriculum?

Twitter Rolls Out New ‘Crisis Misinformation’ Policy

Twitter employee confirms ‘Commie’ culture

What Causes Leaky Gut Syndrome?

How Neurotransmitters Can Affect Your Health

Why Does The Government Want To Regulate Cryptocurrency?

Yellen calls for cryptocurrency regulations to reduce risks

How Big Corporations Are Destroying the American Dream

A ‘Perfect Storm’: Sharp Rise in Home Prices, Mortgage Rates Driving Working Americans out of the Market

Bill Gates’ struggle against reality

Vaccine Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (VAIDS): ‘We should anticipate seeing this immune erosion more widely’

Gwyneth Paltrow x Michael Rubino: A New Approach to the Mold Issue

Mold Exposure and the Autoimmune-Inflammation Spectrum

Spiritual Predators and Pathological Gurus

UK data show increased mortality in vaccinated compared to unvaccinated

They’re causing food shortages?

Homeland Security’s “Disinformation Board” is Even More Pernicious Than it Seems

Do You People-Please in Your Relationship?

Mental Health: Shadow Work

Zoo Claims Animals Receiving COVID Vaccine of Their Own Free Will: ‘These Are Voluntary Inoculations’

Biden’s Military Is “Using the COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate to ‘Intentionally Purge’ Religious Service Members”

Sleepwalking into censorship: a reply to Nadine Dorries

The Political Fallout of Elon Musk Buying Twitter

Self Love: What it Really Means and Why it Will Change Your Life

How to Fight Transhumanism and Protect Your Privacy

US judge throws out Biden mask mandate for planes and trains

Sweden’s inconvenient Covid victory

Chinese Politics Influenced WHO Report on COVID Origins, Emails Reveal

Shanghai Residents Pushed to Their Limits Amid Ongoing Lockdown

Understanding Trauma & How to Heal Your Nervous System

Am I Too Traumatized to be in a Relationship?

NY, Calif. failed in handling of COVID — but Florida was among best: study

The real cause of AIDS, known to health officials since day one

New Documentary: ‘Headwind—Dr. Robert W. Malone’

‘Something That’s Frightening’: Robert Epstein Warns Against Big Tech Manipulation

Exorcist Warns Céline Dion’s Kids’ Clothing Line Célinununu Is Satanic

Celine Dion Starts Weird Demonic Clothing Line For Kids

7 Signs of a Narcissistic Mother & How to Cope

The 5 Phases of Narcissistic Abuse and Trauma Recovery

Red Flag/Green Flag: What to Look for When You’re Dating

Elizabeth Warren Calls for U.S. to Launch Central Bank Digital Currency

CNN Misleads Parents, Follows Mainstream Script to Push Vaccines for Young Kids

How China Controls Your COVID Life

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson in unusual role as Supreme Court justice-in-waiting

Judge Jackson’s refusal to define ‘woman’ threatens women’s rights movement, ex-Olympian warns

Understanding And Healing Vaccine Injuries

Interview With Christine Massey Covid: No Record Found Of Sars-Cov-2

Meta Removes COVID-19 Booster Shot Requirement for American Workers

COVID-19 Trial Indicates Symptoms Don’t Impact Transmission

Hunters become hunted in new medical documentary series

New world order announced at World Government Summit

Sexual Vampirism – Sex and Entity Attachments

How to Avoid Passing Anxiety on to Your Kids

Millions get AIDS from Vax by Fall – Dr. Elizabeth Eads

People Magazine Warns ‘Blood Clots Like Hailey Bieber’s’ Are Happening in ‘Younger and Younger People,’” Ignores Lethal COVID Vaccine Effects

DeSantis Proclaims Female Swimmer Winner of Race Over Biological Male

How Ukraine Government Is Converting Digital ID System Into Wartime Tool

How I Stopped Trying to Control My Partner and Took Responsibility for My Own Happiness

California Teacher Finds New Calling Amid Pandemic Mandates

US Senate Votes 57-40 to Pass Rand Paul’s Bill to End Transportation and Airplane Mask Mandate

The experts are lying to you — think for yourself

Chinese Herbal Medicine for COVID-19 Highly Successful

Thailand Paid $45 Million in COVID Vaccine Injury Claims, While U.S. Has Paid $0

Naomi Wolf Confirms Big Pharma Was Adding Varying Amounts of Active Ingredient to Batches of COVID Vaccine



How To Navigate This Time Of Transition And The Birth Of A New Era

“Breaking The Mold” With Dr. Jill Crista, ND

How Gut Dysbiosis is Making You Sick

And Just Like That, DuckDuckGo Becomes Google — One Time Free Search Engine Now Down-Ranks Conservative Content

FDA slowly starts release of Pfizer vaccine data to the public

Sound Frequency Therapy: A Closer Look

Wales Scraps COVID-19 Vaccine Passports at Indoor and Outdoor Venues

Public Health Scotland refuses to release COVID death data in the future

GOP absences prevent Senate from defunding Biden’s vaccine mandate

Qualitative Evaluation of Inclusions In Moderna, AstraZeneca and Pfizer Covid-19 vaccines [PDF]

UK Lab Report Shines Light on Undeclared Ingredients in COVID-19 Vaccines

Canada Nice No Longer: Trudeau’s Totalitarian Response to Trucker Protests

The Evolution of Life on Earth and the Birth of Ecology, with Emily Dickinson

The Scandal of Infant Formula

The Forbidden Truth About Raw Milk

Scientist Investigates Novel Technology in COVID-19 Vaccinations

‘There’s No Law’: Physician Experienced in Investigating Biological Warfare Challenges Medical Board’s Misinformation Allegation

US Appeals Court Will Not Reinstate Biden’s Vaccine Mandate for Federal Employees

Freedom Convoy Raises $3 Million on GiveSendGo After GoFundMe Removes Campaign

The Power of Co-Regulation

Sixteen of UPenn trans swimmer’s team-mates demand she is barred from NCAA Championships under new USA Swimming rules on testosterone levels

Undercover Video Reveals Disadvantaged Populations Taking Excessive Vaccines for Tax Funded Gift Card Incentive

49 GOP Congress Members Pledge to Oppose Vaccine Mandate Funding

Fauci Knew About Virus Lab Origin From Secret Teleconference, Pushed Alternate Narrative

Plan to tax unvaccinated dropped to avoid ‘angry’ backlash

Intro to German New Medicine With Dr. Melissa Sell

Einkorn Flour: The Superior Ancient Grain Compared to Whole Wheat

Nature’s Air Purifier: How Beeswax Candles Clean Air

Royal Society Report: Big Tech Should Not Censor Dissent

UK PM Boris Johnson Rolls Back Plan B COVID Measures

JetBlue CEO warns 5G disruptions may ‘stress’ US aviation

Citizens Must Actively Fight Klaus Schwab’s ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’

Florida: Highest Rates of Infection Occurring in Counties with Highest Vaccination Rates

What Does It Mean to Be Emotionally Gifted?

Associations of Sex Hormones and Hormonal Status with Arterial Stiffness in a Female Sample From Reproductive Years to Menopause (PDF)

Estrogen associated with arterial stiffness in women

The Differences Between Awakeness and Wokeness

“The Science Guy” Releases Mask Documentary Series

Cannabis Compounds Prevented Coronavirus Spread In Lab Study

Feiglin on COVID crisis: Decide that it’s over – and it will be

Supreme Court blocks nationwide vaccine and testing mandate for large businesses

Japan drops all vaccine mandates, places myocarditis warning on label

Emotion Coaching and The Highly Sensitive Child

The Unfair Stigmatization of Vitamin A During Pregnancy

Soviet Canada: Doctor Locked in Psych Ward Who Exposed Stillbirth Explosion in Vaccinated Moms

35 Gorgeous Pictures of the Northern Lights

Balancing Your Feminine and Masculine Energies

Bill Gates Still Plans to Literally Block Out the Sun

Chemtrails, The Jets That Spray Them, And The Equipment Used Are Proof Of An Ongoing Global Conspiracy

New York Legislation Provides for Indefinite Detention of Unvaccinated at Governor’s Whim

What is Light Language?

What Is an Ancestral Diet and How Does It Help You?

Italian warehouse allegedly storing vaccines and burnt down is a police station

Doctor Finds Treatment For Vaccine Victims, Sees Major Improvement in Blood

The pandemic policies that hurt children

L.A. school board delays enforcement of student vaccine mandate to fall 2022

Heart inflammation cases emerge among 5- to 11-year-old kids after COVID-19 shot: CDC

In Defense of Vitamin K2 MK-4: Dr. Price’s Activator X

Bioluminescent plants could be the sustainable light source of the future

Federal judge grants Project Veritas’ request for third party to review James O’Keefe’s phones seized by FBI

Occulted Knowledge, Spiritual Bypassing, and The Necessity of Holistic Integral Self-Work

”Those Who Resist the New World Order Will Have the Help and Protection of God” – Italian Archbishop Vigano

Illinois Bill Proposes To Strip Unvaxxed Of Their Health Insurance

Evidence for a connection between coronavirus disease-19 and exposure to radiofrequency radiation from wireless communications including 5G

An Economist’s Rule for Making Tough Life Decisions

Human remains help explain Stonehenge mystery

Africa’s COVID-19 Vaccine and the Scandal of the Centuries

The Healing Power of Dance Movement Therapy

How to Know if Your Genetics Contribute to Blue Light Sensitivity and Poor Sleep — and What to Do About It

Darwinian Evolution: science or philosophy?

What is Vedic Astrology and How Does It Work?

How Can Science Be Used to Convince People About an Afterlife?

Scientists Say Your “Mind” Isn’t Confined to Your Brain, or Even Your Body

Homesteading 101: Becoming Self-Reliant in Modern Times

The Connection Between Mitochondria and Mortality

This Mindset Is Preventing You from Being Happy

The Freedom Phone Indicates There’s a Market for Privacy

China’s burned-out tech workers are fighting back against long hours

A beginner’s guide to how cryptocurrencies work

Hillary Clinton says cryptocurrency has the potential to destabilize nations and traditional currencies

Iron Is the New Cholesterol

Groundbreaking Research Links Autism with Histamine, Inflammation and Mast Cell Activation

Histamine Intolerance: All You Need to Know

Drawing a Tree: The Poetics of Diversity and Resilience Through the Art and Science of Trees

How Psychic Suppression May Impact the Heredity of Psi-Genes

Stand for Freedom: Protest the Mandates Nationwide Strike, Nov. 8-11, 2021

Simple Roasted Butternut Squash Soup Recipe

Leaky Brain Syndrome: Symptoms, Causes and Natural Solutions

Why Are Highly Rational People Misunderstood?

How (Not) to Love: Unbreaking Our Hearts by Breaking Our Patterns

Embodying the Warrior Archetype in Service of the Divine

18 Things You (Probably) Don’t Know About Polio

Ten red flags in the FDA’s risk-benefit analysis of Pfizer’s EUA application to inject American children 5 to 11 with its mRNA product

Wisconsin May Surpass Arizona And Be First State To Decertify 2020 Election

Enlightenment 101: Toward Homo Noeticus

6 Signs Your Fingernails Are Trying To Tell You Something

Non-toxic gas will be dispersed in NYC subways this month

Copper’s Virus-Killing Powers Were Known Even to the Ancients

Wounds That Time Won’t Heal: The Neurobiology of Child Abuse

Top 20 Anti-Inflammatory Herbs and How to Use Them

Inflammation, But Not Telomere Length, Predicts Successful Ageing at Extreme Old Age: A Longitudinal Study of Semi-supercentenarians (PDF)

Hawks NBA Star Brandon Goodwin Reports Blood Clots From COVID Vaccine Ended His Season

Hollywood Executive Reveals How China’s Politics Have Shaped Movie Industry

The 1963 List “Current Communist Goals” is Becoming a Reality Right Before Our Eyes

Memory of neuronal mitochondrial stress being passed on to their descendants

MO Saskatchewan Sep 13

Dr. Schwartz’ Immunity Booster Protocol

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