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This captivating workshop reveals your unique imprint and teaches you how to break barriers, heal from within, and connect with the universe in ways you never imagined. Discover the transformative power of self-awareness, the magic of ancestral wisdom, and the healing that comes from truly embracing yourself and seeing your obstacles as blessings leading you to your true authentic self. 

Led by Jason Shurka, this journey offers not only eye-opening insights but practical methods to apply these teachings in your everyday life. Perfect for seekers of wisdom and anyone ready to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery, this event is your gateway to a life filled with more meaning, connection, and joy.


Whether you're seeking personal or professional development, this workshop offers a transformative experience that will empower you to navigate life's challenges with confidence, resilience, and purpose!

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What you get:

Lifetime access to the entire 14-hour workshop

Powerful meditations and cellular activations led by Damien Wynne

Downloadable workbook to fill in and follow along

Digital copy of Jason Shurka’s latest book, “Accessing Awareness”


Transformative Lessons

with Jason Shurka

Powerful Meditations

with Damien Wynne

Guest Appearance

by Pete Heibloem

Special Message

from Tony Robbins


Utilizing the laws of the universe, Jason Shurka breaks down seemingly complex principles into digestible and tangible bites of knowledge that can be applied to every area of your life. The beautifully articulated lessons will lead you through an emotional journey -revealing the depths of your programming and freeing you from the burdens of the past that are looping in your subconscious. 


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The Full Breakdown of Lessons & Integrations You’ll Receive


Introduction By Peter Heibloem

Welcome and Introduction

The Journey of Self-Transformation

Embracing and Transcending Your Darkness

Laws of the Universe and Practical Application

Morning Meditation with Damien

Transformation and Power

Journey Through Ancestral Healing and Personal Growth

Deep Healing Practices and Intention Setting

Embracing New Beginnings and Personal Evolution

From Vulnerability to Strength: Embracing Life's Lessons with Jason Shurka

The Journey of Self-Exploration and Acknowledgment

Navigating Personal Limitations and Learning from Hardship

Shared Experiences and Collective Insights

Philosophical Insights and Understanding Universal Laws

Concluding Reflections and Future Directions

Meditation with Damien Wynne

Integration meditation 

Inner Work, Outer Change: A Guide to Self-Mastery With Jason Shurka

Journey Begins - Setting the Stage for Transformation

The Power of Transmutation: Turning Pain into Purpose

Embracing Life's Seasons: A Tale of Transformation and Renewal

Mindful Healing: Tapping Into the Power of Your Subconscious

Vibrations of Change: The Frequency of Words in Shaping Reality

The Power Within: Shaping Your World through Thought and Emotion

Transforming Reality: The Power of Thought and Speech

Unleashing Potential: The Role of Silence in Personal Growth

Brain Engagement with Peter Heibloem

Switching On: Brain-Engaging Strategies for the Afternoon Slump

External Methods of Transformation with Jason Shurka

The Transformative Power of Color and Environmental Design

Integration Meditation with Damien Wynne

Embodying Transformation: Integrating New Consciousness Levels


Introduction by Peter Heibloem 

Journey to Authenticity: Unlocking Self and Shining Your Light

Morning Meditation with Damien Wynne

Introduction of Damien Wynne

Healing Ancestral Patterns and Embracing Authenticity

Peter Heibloem Introduces A Special Guest

Message from Tony Robbins: Three decisions that control the quality of your life

Nothing is Happening To You But Rather For You with Jason Shurka

Acknowledging the support given by Pete, Roxy and Damien

Athena's Story: Coping with Health and Family Challenge

From Pain to Purpose: Embracing Life's Lessons and Finding Inner Alignment

Barry's Story: Ego, Acceptance, and Transformation

Aligning Ego and Soul: Mastering Free and Divine Will

Chris's Journey: Overcoming Fear and Ego for Authentic Self-Acceptance

Athena's Unexpected Blessing: A Generous Gift Sparks Change 

Transforming Trials into Triumph: Aligning with Divine Intent

Joni's Transformation: Embracing Positivity and Lessons from Marlene 

Leading by Healing: A Journey from Adversity to Inspiring Others

Living Fully: Aligning Ego with Soul's Desire

Integration Meditation with Damien Wynne

Journey to Wholeness: Presence, Purpose, and Transformation

Damien Wynne Quantum Healing

Introducing Jason Shurka and Damien Wynne

Releasing Traumas and Embracing Energy Liberation with Jason Shurka

The Universe is Always Trying to Speak to You with Jason Shurka

Introduction to the Universe's communication with you

Exploring the Subconscious and Dreams

Interpreting the Body's Messages and Achieving Balance

Brain Hemispheres: Balancing Logic and Creativity 

Your Tikkun: Navigating Life's Lessons Through Self-Awareness

Mike's Healing: Courage, Forgiveness, and Transformation 

Journey of Renewal: Turning Life's Challenges into Blessings and Strength

Celebrating Transformation: A Journey of Joyful Renewal and Unity


"You could feel the love behind every thought shared and all the teachings have been smoothly structured and explained so anyone could understand it and connecting the dots. Along with Jason, I felt that Damien Wynne has a DIVINE PRESENCE! Looking forward for more meditations with him on Unifyd as well!"


Anda Manu


"One might not think that attending remotely would be so life-changing, but I beg to differ. The entire experience was so moving and literally so transformative that I feel like I’m experiencing a completely different vibration from when I signed up. Truly amazing and beyond worthwhile!"


Mary Winston


"The Transformation Event was life changing, it surpassed my expectations and I would do it again without question, I felt connected to everyone there, our energy shifted as we Transformed together, I came out stronger, more powerful and evolved, I'm thankful that life brought me to experience this event!"


Athena Phoenix


"Jason is doing some truly important work for humanity in building the Unifyd network to educate and enlighten, and the experience and knowledge delivered in the in-person Transformation event was genuinely powerful. Something pinged me pretty significantly in telling me that I needed to be there at this event when it was announced, and I'm so glad I heeded my inner guidance on this one. I had an amazing experience. Together we rise!"


RJ Pickens


"Great experience, I was there in the livestream and just by watching I learned so much. It was a life changing event. I learned so many techniques that I can't wait to watch the replay. I believe I will even get more impact out of it."


Donald Craig Combs


"I have had a breakthrough with my claustrophobia, and take lifts at work with less fear. I truly feel Jason was sent to Earth to help humanity heal and Love."


Rohini Devi



What if the greatest adventure of your life was waiting within you, ready to be unveiled?

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