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I left Netflix for quite some time and stumbled naturally right away onto Unifyd TV, on my path to universal awareness. This is my new Netflix now. So many topics are covered, and yet quality is always predominant upon quantity, which I was looking for. You can’t just watch a series and there you go : the information is so dense and intense you have to come back again to absorb everything. One of the best investments of my life.


I LOVE this app! Thank you Jason Shurka for this amazing app and the awareness that it brings. There is so much on this app to watch and learn and there's something for everyone! I recommend this app 100%


I most definitely recommend watching Unifyd. You'll learn so much. I have watched all the interviews from the disclosure series and watching Cathy O'Brien, Trance documentary. If you want to learn the truth. You'll learn it all through watching Unifyd TV. Everything They mention it's all true. If you want to know the truths about this universe. I highly recommend. Watching the disclosure series has helped me awaken in so many ways.


Absolutely impressive and very educationally important to everyone!


Brilliant, can't get enough of watching everything, especially disclosure 👍


UNIFYD TV is the best platform for content you can’t find anywhere else. New perspectives and new episodes to download at your convenience. I like that they have a social platform and discussion groups you can create to reach out to other like minded individuals. We are not alone we are indeed UNIFYD. The fact that I can support a platform that does not censor information is truly a blessing. What a time to be alive!


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New exclusive content added regularly. Movies, documentaries, uncensored journalism and workshops and so much more!

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