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Beyond the Surface of America

Go on a journey across America with Ivory Hecker and Elizabeth Lane,  where curiosity meets profound discovery.

Engage with personal narratives that explore the challenges and dreams shaping the United States, from government surveillance to the quest for inner peace, and the relentless pursuit of the American Dream. Witness how the fabric of society is influenced by the unseen forces of history, belief, and the fight for freedom of speech, amidst the evolving landscape of American values and aspirations.

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Washington DC: CIA Whistleblowers & Freemasons

A gripping exploration of D.C., shedding light on the city's most guarded secrets. Delve into the controversies surrounding 9-11, the shifting political landscape of the CIA, and the enigmatic role of Freemasonry in the city's history.

Tennessee: No Farms, No Food

Discover how alternative milks are affecting traditional dairy farms and the passion driving farmers to educate and involve their community. This is more than just a farm story; it's a journey into the soul of American agriculture.

Premiers April 5th

Louisiana: Supernatural Encounters

From voodoo practices to tales of past epidemics, this journey through New Orleans will captivate and haunt you long after you've watched.

Premiers April 12th

Texas: Immigrants In Action

Experience the emotional and physical journeys of migrants from Ecuador to Venezuela, and the controversial embrace they receive on American soil. With exclusive insights into the operations of non-profits and the guarded truths behind their missions.

Premiers April 19th

New Mexico: Astrology & Spiritual Communities

Witness firsthand how America's astrological birth chart influences its national identity, delve into the rich traditions of Native American heritage, and discover the tranquil sanctity of the Hanuman Temple.

Premiers April 26th

Colorado: Cannabis Highs & Homeless Lows

From the inner workings of the oldest legal cannabis dispensary to the stark realities of homelessness and the contentious debates over election integrity, this episode uncovers the multifaceted identity of Colorado.

Premiers May 3rd

Utah: SkinWalker Ranch Phenomenons

Explore Skinwalker Ranch, a site notorious for its unexplained paranormal activities. Witness the compelling interviews with owner Brandon Fugel and superintendent Thomas Wintertenz, who share their spine-tingling experiences and the scientific efforts to demystify the ranch's secrets.

Premiers May 10th

Idaho: Small Town Fun

Experience the warmth of rural hospitality, the thrill of a ghost tour in New Orleans, and the wisdom from a successful entrepreneur who challenges the conventional paths to success.

Premiers May 17th

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