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Jason Shurka, Dr. Sandra Rose Michaels and Michael Scalar and the EEsystem team go to India to embark on an amazing journey.

The UNIFYD Healing / EEsystem team came together to donate a 24 unit EEsystem to an ashram located in Tirupati, India. The city of Tirupati now has an EEsystem that they can go and utilize whenever they want, free of charge. Once country at a time, we will continue this mission to help humanity world wide!

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Join Jason Shurka and "Ray" in this mind-bending interview series that covers all the red-pill topics and so much more!

The Revolution of Healing

In this thought-provoking video, Dr. Michael explores the revolutionary approaches to healing that are transforming the field of healthcare.

Remembering Our Cosmic Origin

Ismael will be discussing extraterrestrial races who are currently assisting us from behind the scenes in the restoration of earth’s rightful place in the universe.

Extraterrestrial Communication

In this captivating video, Brandon Bozarth shares his personal story of receiving a symbol in his mind's eye and experiencing automatic writing.

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