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Accessing Your Multidimensional Self

Can understanding astrology's secrets reveal your true path in life?

Danielle guides you through the intricate world of astrology, helping you understand your birth chart and its profound impact on your life.

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Birth Chart

Did you know your toughest moments in life could actually be the key to a whole new you? 

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Guided Meditation for Caretakers

What if nurturing yourself could make you a better caretaker?


Scalar Yoga

Expertly guided yoga with the cutting-edge technology of the EESystem.


The Earthing Movie

What if the secret to unlocking your health lies beneath your feet?


The Revolution of Healing

What if there was a revolutionary approach to healing that went beyond traditional medicine?

Exclusive Interview

Past Life Regression

What if the key to your future lies hidden in the memories of your past lives?


Chasing the Present

What if you could unravel the mysteries of existence, awaken your consciousness, and find true happiness within yourself?

Award Winning Film

Ayahuasca - Source for the Soul

This new special with Peter and Roxanne Heibloem takes you on a profound exploration of self-discovery and spiritual awakening in the lush rainforests of Costa Rica. Through their intimate Ayahuasca experiences, they uncover hidden emotions and confront personal challenges. Witness their transformation and the incredible power of this ancient medicine to heal and connect with nature.

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E-Motion - The Series

Explore the interplay of mind and body in "E-Motion Series" with Ty Hungerford. This video collection guides you through holistic wellness techniques, from muscle testing and qigong to effective stress management and detoxification. Learn how dietary choices, emotional healing, and electromagnetic frequencies influence your health. Each episode reveals methods for achieving vitality and emotional balance, emphasizing the importance of self-awareness and personal values in the healing journey. Join Ty Hungerford in uncovering the secrets to transformative health and empowerment.

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Gentle Yoga with Michelle Prosper

This video offers an immersive experience in gentle yoga, showcasing the use of props to ease into poses. It teaches valuable breathing techniques that harmonize the mind and body, promoting relaxation. You'll explore various yoga poses, each designed to stretch and lengthen your body gently. The video also highlights the importance of setting intentions, fostering a deeper connection between your movements and mental state. 

Road to Dharma

In the mystical embrace of the Indian Himalayas, can a daring motorcycle pilgrimage unlock the secrets of inner freedom?

Join a captivating group led by the wise guru, Anand, on an epic motorcycle pilgrimage. Battling treacherous monsoon rains, dangerous roads, and unknown challenges, they discover the power of transformation. With each rider's unique tale, this gripping video reveals the truth of who they are, unearthing courage, love, and self-discovery. Don't miss this soul-stirring adventure as they traverse sacred peaks, unraveling myths and finding unity amidst chaos. Engage in their profound revelations and witness the journey that may forever change how you see life.

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Rooting in the Present

Join Wendy Frias as she guides you through a unique journey, intertwining the ancient art of meditation with the enduring strength of nature. Discover how a 500-year-old oak tree can inspire resilience and tranquility in your life. This isn't just about finding peace; it's about rooting into the present and harnessing the energy around us. Watch as we explore techniques to overcome life's challenges, visualizing and embodying the might and calm of the oak, offering a path to grounding and empowerment amidst life's distractions.

Breathwork with Christopher August

This captivating video featuring Christopher August dives into the transformative power of breathwork. It illuminates how breathwork isn't just about breathing but a key to unlocking emotional and spiritual wealth. The video explores the deep connection between breathwork and prosperity, highlighting the essential roles of love, gratitude, surrender, trust, and flow. Through engaging visuals and Christopher's guidance, viewers are taken on a journey inside their inner pharmacy, experiencing the profound impacts of breathwork. It's not just a session; it's a revelation of how to harness your inner strength and manifest prosperity.

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