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Missing 411

What happens when the unthinkable occurs, and a child vanishes into thin air? 

Join David Paulides in this documentary that delves into the perplexing disappearances of children in North America's wilderness. Highlighting cases like Jaryd Adadero and two-year-old Dior, it portrays the emotional family struggles and extensive search efforts. The film masterfully captures the haunting beauty of the wild and the heartache of unsolved mysteries.

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Uncensored Documentaries, Films & Interviews

Dive deep into subjects that are ignored by most media outlets. Uncover strange and disturbing truths that will lead to the awakening of humanity.

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Third Eye Spies

Can human consciousness transcend conventional limits and unlock hidden psychic powers within us?

Feature Film

Disclosure - Pt 1

What if there was an organization that's been shaping the world for thousands of years?

UNIFYD Original

Best Kept Secret

Delve into the hidden realms of power and unearth the clandestine forces shaping our reality.

Sean Stone Series

First-Hand Experiences

We've been told the CIA's mind control program, Project MK Ultra, ended back in the 1970's  - but has it really?

Exclusive Interview


In this compelling conversation-style docuseries, Jason Shurka sits down with an anonymous individual who goes by the name "Ray". This series will have you asking endless questions about the truth of our existence and why it's been hidden from us for so long! Nothing is off the table when it comes to topics discussed - Government agencies, secret programs, ancient hidden history, supernatural abilities, extraterrestrial beings, deep underground military bases and tunnel systems, the corruption of the "elite" in power and so much more.

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Saving the Children

‘Saving The Children,' is a series revealing the harsh truths of child trafficking. Hear from victims, traffickers, and rescuers, and witness the fight against this global issue. Powerful and eye-opening, these videos inspire action to protect vulnerable children.

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The Cathy O'Brien story is referenced in major universities and is in law libraries worldwide due to its continued relevance to global events. Knowledge is our first line of defense against mind control, and this film is indeed the truth that makes us free. So much hidden and disturbing truths are exposed in this film. Some of her story may be chilling and difficult to watch, but she is only one of many who have experienced this evil and sinister form of abuse.

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The Great Awakening

Have you ever wondered how history has been rewritten to serve an agenda that wasn't visible to the average person? Investigative filmmaker Mikki Willis shares his personal story of political awakening and exposes the communist plot to overtake America. Discover the truth about socialism and communism and how it's affecting our society today. Join the Great Awakening and be part of the revolution to take back our freedom.

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The Antidote

Join Dr. Bryan Ardis as he unravels the truth about it’s origin and proves the mainstream view is a lie and how there is a suppressed antidote. As you delve into this revealing interview, you'll find Dr. Ardis is on a mission to restore global health and shed light on a subject shrouded in mystery. Don't miss the chance to understand the complete picture behind the pandemic that changed our world.

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