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Watch Sam the Illusionist on UNIFYD TV in an exclusive 4-part channeling series called “Galactic Messages with Sam the Illusionist”. Every Tuesday beginning September 6th, Sam joins us in a brand new recorded channeling session where he will be connecting to a higher being to relay answers to our submitted questions.

Sam the Illusionist


Sam the Illusionist

Sam the Illusionist is an incredible channeler from India who connects to higher beings to relay messages on an individual as well as a collective level.

Sam began years ago performing street magic for onlookers before he began dabbling into hypnosis. One day, he was listening to a guided self-hypnosis recording, and realized that an entity began communicating through him. His mother took him to the doctor, and they prescribed medication to alleviate the “problem” he was having. Sam refused to take the medication, and instead asked his mother to record him as he underwent this channeling state.

He recorded his first channeling session, and soon after he started a YouTube channel to help others realize their higher purposes by relaying these powerful messages.



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UNIFYD is the real deal. Bringing awareness to the masses so that we can choose what to believe. This platform is my go to for educational material on health, money, and the systems that try to oppress us. The Hidden Revelations series is INCREDIBLE for learning about the things we cannot see. We all have a choice. Mine is UNIFYD!


UNIFYD TV is the best platform for content you can’t find anywhere else. New perspectives and new episodes to download at your convenience. I like that they have a social platform and discussion groups you can create to reach out to other like minded individuals. We are not alone we are indeed UNIFYD. The fact that I can support a platform that does not censor information is truly a blessing. What a time to be alive!


If you are ready to learn about the true purpose for your life on this planet, if you desire to be in a higher state of consciousness, if you seek a community of high vibe souls in a no judgement zone, Unifyd.TV is a great place to start! Welcome!!

Meg Poor

Finally a strong effort to connect people through light.
Thank you Jason and your team for this gift.
I’m sure UNIFYD is the right place to connect people through love and awareness.
Spread the word!

Bruno Gj

So many great reasons why Unifyd TV is the future. The series alone are worth it. Hidden revelations, host talk about alternative medicine, alternative media. This is what we want our new earth to be like. I’m happy to support such a great platform.

Karen Joly

I left Netflix for quite some time and stumbled naturally right away onto Unifyd TV, on my path to universal awareness. This is my new Netflix now. So many topics are covered, and yet quality is always predominant upon quantity, which I was looking for. You can’t just watch a series and there you go : the information is so dense and intense you have to come back again to absorb everything. One of the best investments of my life.

Laurent Wiedemann


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