As most know I have been dealing with a great amount of negativity in my life the last 4-5 months whence I became a part of this platform and through working with my spirit guides, guardian angels, intuition, common sense, hints here and there from different psychics and mediums I have come to learn that there has been spells and/or curses put upon me from someone who obviously was jealous of me from something I said on this platform or some type of dispute so I will be saying my farewells to the platform and the community.. I've learned a lot and I think I've taught a lot but the most important things I've learned is that there is a God and the power of Christ, not Christ consciousness but Christ is the key to unveiling the mysteries of "the universe" better known as the flat earth. So I bid my farewells to you all and wish you the best. May you find God and may you truly find the secrets to our reality which lie solely in God our one true creator. Nothing else truly matters. This will be my last post. I take all curses and spells and/or any black magic that has been placed upon my being, my soul and my life off of my self through the power of Jesus Christ through the Blood of Christ. God is my Shepard, God is my armor and you have no reign over my life at all, you never did, you never will and this ends now!! Bye.. πŸ‘‹πŸ½ thanks for liberating my life and bringing me right where I always was.. to God, with God, For God.. If you learn one thing from me let it be that God is real. We weren't created by a random big bang and there isnt an expanding universe.. it is us. Just us. This was made for us.. this reality which we can't leave. I don't agree with religion but what I do know is that God is real and there is a divine creator. What and who that creator is idk but there is one. And we are special.. to the creator and we are connected directly to the creator. We are the creator though the creators eyes. They want you to believe that there is an entire universe that's expanding with trillions and trillions of planets and stars but no proof of any life, it doesn't make sense folks.. and you can probably say the same thing and to this day your wondering what to believe in because they've gotten you utterly confused and lost in there universe shenanigans.. the system they created was brilliantly crafted and it has created billions of atheist. I'm still not a Christian but I do know God is real and from my extensive research and first hand experiences this I know to be true and certain. It all hit me at once tonight as I prayed and started listening to more GODLY MUSIC.. I got a very strong download about EVERYTHING. .. well I've said enough. I'm free now. Love you all .. God loves you all..