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March 01

What most in the know suspected...

February 28
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Either as long as it's not too dangerous
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Any mission no matter how dangerous
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February 29

The United Nations... And a bought-and-paid for puppet politician in our Congress

February 29

Communists have infiltrated the FBI and CIA, as well as other government institutions. In fact the Gateway Pundit has an article today about the Russia hoax coup against Donald Trump by Gina Haspel from the CIA.

February 15

Do hospital births cause more harm than good?👶

If you've seen our documentary "Root Cause" then you are already aware that what once seemed like a solution to a health concern, actually caused more problems to many down the road.

Like root canals, much of our healthcare solutions and systems have become normalized without considering the long term effects.

While many of our health issues (physical, mental, and emotional) develop throughout life, how often do we consider the impact that the healthcare system has on us before we even take our first breath?

Check out the article below to see why many families are opting for at-home births these days.

February 29

The United Nations are communists as well... and I believe that many there are Luciferians also. I know that the Director of the UN is a Luciferian ... An evil bunch by psychotic lunatics

February 29

United Nations Luciferian mural...

February 29

Here is the article by the Gateway Pundit posted today about the Russia hoax coup against Donald Trump by Gina Haspel from the CIA.

February 29

How the fake news frauds in the mainstream media assist the communists to take over entire countries... And America has been their most recent target by the way

February 02
• Edited (Feb 09, 2024)

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