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May 13

There are many secret societies outside of TLS.👪

From Free Masons, to powerful family organizations and mystical practicing groups, these societies are found all over the world.

Some come together for the purpose of doing good, while others may have a darker agenda.

Have you heard of any of the societies on this list before?

Stay tuned for more TLS content coming soon!

June 11

[Video:] This man is said to be coming up through a gutter hole. It is said to be a New York Underground Bar Mitzvahs scene. It appears as though they rape children in these underground places. Not certain.

June 11

As the Satanists say, "hidden in plain sight." ... Short video to follow

June 08

Another group of bought-and-paid for traitors who harm children, the elderly, pregnant mothers and other innocent Americans...

February 08


June 10

The truth is the universe it doesn’t judge. When you come to this world, you don’t know that this emotion is that this emotion is good.

You just live what there is to live.

And when you grow older, they tell you no no no no, and you start at that moment to playing a role for the rest of your life.

June 10
• Edited (Jun 10, 2024)

The beloved mainstream media... pimping vaccines, poison food and drinks, pesticides, and whatever else their handlers tell them to pimp, while remaining silent about the traitors who rape and murder children, start wars for profit, behave as Nazi stasi police, steal our money and enslave us all

June 08

The FDA caught on camera admitting that they take millions of dollars in bribes to poison us. That means poisoning children, the elderly, pregnant mothers, teenagers, the disabled, and everyone else. Traitors who should face military tribunals? Of course we'll forgive them first and will speak kindly of them as they face justice if so.

June 08
• Edited (Jun 08, 2024)

So after declaring our independence from the British in 1776, the first act of the betrayal of America by our politicians was in 1871... the second act was in 1914 (creation of the Federal Reserve).... and the third act of betrayal against America was in 1926 (the establishment of the BAR). Then there were many other acts of betrayal that followed. The common denominator? None of the Deep State crooks were ever held accountable for their betrayal.

June 09

How many deaths globally are the traitors in the CIA responsible for... "The CIA is a sock puppet for the Military Industrial Complex. Its function is to provide a steady pipeline of forever wars..."