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April 12

A post shared from Robert Edward Grant’s IG…

Whatever message you have been feeling called to get out and share, feel free to type it out in the comments below!

April 11
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April 12

Warnings issued. Not sure if these are accurate, but I do trust both sources

April 10

Has anyone experienced a wierd sort of awareness of their body pertaining to 2019?
I mean did you experience anything that you hadnt experienced before in life Mentally, or physically before 2019?


This is a bold statement, but one that I totally agree with. 🌏♥️🧘‍♀️🧘‍♀️♥️✌♥️

April 12
• Edited (Apr 12, 2024)

Very very enlightening movie "Reptilian" on netflix..
Del toro is really great in this film. Sheds light on the level of nefarious activity that is going on, and has been going on for years if, If not decades. The intricacy of it is bewildering when you watch it twice. Justin Timberlake does a great job of explaining through his character. (Not for the short attentioned)*
Whats your take of it?

You wanna know why religion is garbage and is completely unethical and inhumane?? This is why..
So a 4 year old little girl gets molested and sexually abused by a priest or a pastor..(which has been happening for thousands of years) and she grows up not being a Christian or going to church or partaking in any type of Christian religion.. she's traumatized and damaged and her whole world was pretty much destroyed at the age of 4 and Christians or other groups will tell her, or anybody for that matter, that the girl is going to go to hell and burn in a lake of fire for eternity because she didn't believe in something that basically tore her apart and ruined her life or dedicate her spirit and life to serving "the one true God".. but the pastor/priest can go straight to the confession box or simply pray to his God in order to be forgiven and then raptured into heaven with no problem because any and all sins are forgivable so long as you comfess and repent or whatever there bullshit method of having limiting and fear based beliefs is.. idk, but what I do know is that if you are so simply minded to even begin to think this could possibly be a good thing or the right thing you may not be grounded into actual reality. Its mental enslavement and its garbage and It doesn't make logical sense to our true human nature and our true human orgins.. there are some gruesome stories and very evil stories in the Bible that reference straight to God and to Christians as a whole. I've been studying alternative perspectives on the matter and have come across some very disturbing things in my research. I'm coming to learn that the Bible is actually a book derived from many different books and deities that have absolutely nothing to do with the message that religion brings to the world and was actually created to mentally, psychologically and spiritually entrap you and basically suck your soul and have it reincarnate continuously in the same karmic state because religion limits yourself in an infinite amount of ways.. wake up! Stop being seperated and snared and entraped.. it's time to elevate and grow humanity.. not repeat the same cycles of war, death, hate and evil..And I'm not claiming that the entire Biblical book is garbage but I promise you it's not what they tell you it is and there is alot more thought into the entire message of the Bible in regards of mental human control. We've been tricked... there has been an estimated 80 million deaths from religion and its all over control, control of information and control of the human triad, mind, body and soul... All your prayers aren't going to the source you may think they are going to when you say Amen they are actually going to a deity which i will be writing a story on that whole subject next. I will be sharimg more on the topic though.. and i share because i care.. not to bash anyone, piss anyone off or make anyone feel stupid, uncomfortable or any type of negative feelings or emotions but simply to help the human race grow, see, and umderstand the true limitless we possess as humans. Love and light. I will have much more information on all this.. i found a very intersting source of information and it comes with receipts for everything... stay tuned. ♥︎⁹⁹⁹♥︎

March 22

I. What is Gematria?
1. Definition: Gematria is a numerological system developed in Jewish culture that assigns numerical values to each letter of the Hebrew alphabet.
2. Purpose: Gematria is used to find hidden meanings in the Torah, analyze words and phrases, and gain deeper insights into Jewish texts and teachings.

II. Basic Principles of Gematria
1. Assignment of numerals: The Hebrew alphabet consists of 22 letters, each of which is assigned a numerical value.
2. Calculation: Words and phrases are added up or multiplied to reveal their hidden numerical significance.

III. Methods of Gematria Calculation
1. Mispar Gadol: The standard method of calculating Gematria, where each letter is valued based on its position in the alphabet (1-9, 10-90, and 100-400).
2. Atbash: A method of substitution where the first letter is replaced by the last, the second by the second to last, and so on, often revealing hidden meanings in words and phrases.
3. Cheshbonot: Complex mathematical operations are often used to analyze Gematria values, such as division, addition, and subtraction.

IV. Applications of Gematria
1. Interpretation of Biblical texts: Gematria is used to find hidden connections, symbols, and readings in the Torah and other sacred texts.
2. Kabbalistic teachings: Gematria is widely used in Kabbalah to gain insights into mystical teachings and traditions.
3. Personal meditation and connection: Some individuals use Gematria as a meditative practice to gain personal insights and spiritual connections.

V. Common Gematria Values
1. Aleph = 1, Bet = 2, Gimel = 3, etc.
2. Interesting word values with implications for deeper understanding
- Chai (life) = 18
- One (echad) = 13
- Love (ahava) = 13
- Peace (shalom) = 376

VI. Practices for Studying Gematria
1. Learn the alphabet and numerical values in Hebrew.
2. Study traditional texts and interpretations related to Gematria in Jewish tradition.
3. Practice calculating values of words and phrases in Hebrew using Gematria methods.
4. Discuss and share interpretations with others to gain diverse insights and perspectives.

VII. Resources for Further Study
1. Books and online resources on Gematria and numerology in Jewish tradition.
2. Study groups and discussion forums focused on Gematria and Jewish mystical traditions.
3. Educational programs and workshops offered by experts in Gematria and Kabbalah.

April 08

The Solar Eclipse is upon us!🌑

Don’t forget to live life rather than live out of fear of what may happen next. There is a lot of information out there about what could happen during this Solar Eclipse. The Eclipse itself isn’t causing any of these supposed events to happen.

People align their plans with astrological events to harness the power that they bring. Whether they use it for good or bad is up to them, but we each have the power to use these energies positively and not feed into the fear.

Solar Eclipses are just amplified New Moons, this one being in the sign of Aries. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and marks new beginnings. What new beginning or seeds of intention will you plant under this transit? We have the ability to create something new from whatever is crumbling, both collectively and individually.

April 11

For everyone wanting to be recruited by TLS
TLS is one of MANY private organizations that are here to help serve humanity. The fact you want to be part of it means you already are. Live every present moment as if you are part of these organizations. The Universe will always guide you to your mission. I’m living proof of this and I know many of you are experiencing it as well. TLS and other organizations are trusting how the Universe is guiding them and that’s truly all you need too, for the experience of serving humanity.
I know inside we feel so far apart from eachother and have the pull to come together and work together, but trust the reason for this process. One of my favorite quotes is, “ If we are all alone, then we’re all together in that too. “ We will always be together in one form or another, sharing this experience, and working together 🙏
I send so much love to you all 🤍