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June 23

I was thinking. Trump says he cares about Americans. RFK Jr says he cares about democracy. Why aren't these two people not a team? There is more than one way to take down anti human agendas. They should team up. Right?

June 14


June 23



I know this to be true....Learn the lesson & don't repeat those same patterns, although sometimes easier said than done...The Universe will have your back💫❤💫


I think alot of people in the spiritual community struggle with this....You don't have to get stuck in the never ending cycle of healing ,that you forget the AMAZING journey! Heal, hold your head high,adjust that beautiful crown & keep moving forward!!! You are going to be ok ❤❤❤

June 23



Blooper from earlier today: part of a live distance reiki session on a guy with a VERY strong root chakra pull. As you can see, my finger started twitching and I had to stop mid session, cleanse and restart. Funny but intense.

May 31

Feel Real
If you don't feel real then how fake do you feel?
Did you sell your soul to the devil, or your soul did the devil steal?
There is a way out, without a doubt.
If you cannot hear me then maybe I should shout.
I tell the truth and do not lie.
Some will lie with the truth they deny.
Look above and ask The giver of rain.
Ask for forgiveness and he will take away your pain.
Go ahead and ask him, let it begin.
Then you will feel what it's like to turn a sin into a win.
Stargun 👁️