In a distant galaxy far beyond our own, there existed a magnificent universe teeming with life and energy. This universe had been in harmony for eons, with different beings coexisting peacefully despite their varying beliefs and cultures. However, there came a time when a rift began to form, dividing the universe into two opposing factions - the believers and the atheists.

The believers were those who worshipped the cosmic forces that governed the universe. They saw beauty and order in every planet, star, and nebula, attributing it all to the work of higher beings they called the Celestials. On the other hand, the atheists rejected the idea of a higher power, relying solely on science and logic to explain the phenomena around them.

Tensions rose as debates turned into arguments, and arguments into outright conflicts. The once-unified universe now found itself on the brink of chaos as believers and atheists clashed, each side convinced of the righteousness of their beliefs.

One fateful day, as the unrest escalated to dangerous levels, a mysterious phenomenon occurred. Without warning, the universe itself seemed to shudder, its cosmic web of connections flickering and faltering. Stars went dim, planets drifted off course, and galaxies began to drift apart.

As chaos reigned and panic spread, both believers and atheists looked to the heavens for answers. It was then that a lone wanderer, a wise old being known as the Oracle, emerged from the shadows. With a voice that resonated through the cosmos, the Oracle spoke:

"Your squabbles have disrupted the delicate balance of this universe. Your faith, or lack thereof, has clouded your judgment and blinded you to the truth. It is not belief or disbelief that sustains this universe, but the connection you share with all living beings."

With those words, the believers and atheists were struck with a profound realization. They had been so focused on their differences that they had forgotten the fundamental interconnectedness that bound them together. In that moment of clarity, a wave of energy rippled through the universe, repairing the rift that had threatened to tear it apart.

From that day on, the believers and atheists learned to coexist once more, respecting each other's beliefs and embracing the diversity that made their universe vibrant and alive. And so, the universe thrived, united in its shared experiences and the knowledge that, in the vastness of space, they were all but tiny specks in the grand tapestry of existence.
(The body consists of left brain right brain, left arm, right arm, left foot,.right foot.. and one without the other would throw off the equilibrium of the entire body thus meaning they respect and cooperate each other's roles and significance to one another, just as humans should do the same. We shouldn't have a left and right government either, we should have one party, one government.. One love.)
Goodbye,.My friends..