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April 28

My name is Kevin Kudela me and my brother which has since recently passed the 22nd of April me and him both know that we are gifted or special my brother claimed to have left his body several times and traveled to other places different dimensions myself I have dreams or visions in my dreams or premonitions every time this happens the only people I share with us my brother that passed and my wife and always happens I've told my brother and wife many many visions I've had throughout my life I've called everywhere to try to get hypnotized to find out who I am who I'm reincarnated from every place I called told me I had a mental illness and check myself in I'm going crazy I'm curious I know my brother made a transformation we talked many times about the pleiadians I want to know how my wife and I can take this transformation and take our light souls up to the ships to get healed I know all three of us are gifted we are helpers we are workers I've watched all these videos how do we cleanse our body and get taken to to get cleansed and help people as we've been helping people our entire life