No.1) "The dry Earth will become more parched and there will be great floods when it is seen."
( there will be many many calamities from volcanoes to earthquakes to natural disasters that will leave us unable to bounce back and will leave us with no access to water and dehydration will hit us hard which will cause societal changes, famine and drought will be a byproduct of these disasters and people will struggle to have food and water.)

No.2) "No abbots, monks, novices to learn. Honey shall cost far more than candle wax. So hide the price of wheat, that man is stirred. This fellow man to eat in his despair." ( There will be a significant decline in the finance of the prosperous countries and social unrest will tear apart the country..people will resort to farming and migrate to other regions (BORDER CRISIS)with more water and it's better to be prepared than to cry at that time because conflicts will arise between states as they fight over water..)

No.3) "Deteriorating health of Putin. ( This year the health of Vladimir Putin will be under threat and the Russian leader will suffer health issues and it will be a turbulent year for him and the prediction also mentions a diabolical successor born under the same Chinese zodiac sign someone close to Putin would exploit this situation he will try to seize power from the hands of Putin both nationally and internationally it will be affected.. the person who will do such an act will be close acquaintance of Putin. The changes of leadership will lead to a destabilizing environment.)

No.4) "As wealth and power begin to sway, doubt in leaders, currencies astray, in search of answers, a changing trend, New Horizons beckon, around the bend" ( Nostradamus predicted that India will play a crucial role in reshaping the global geopolitical and financial landscapes and the world stage will go through significant changes and it will impact our future and the year. 2024 this year will be prosperous and encouraged trust in wealth and there will be a decentralized digital realm and new opportunities wait there..)

No.5) (THIS IS MY FAVORITE ONE!!) (Global telepathic connection will be established in human beings. Humans will be able to connect better through their minds and they do not have to verbally communicate their needs and emotions and they'll be able to work together easily as there will be less fights and more care as people will come together to "unite"(UNIFYD)and love each other. Contact will be made and there will be a peace agreement between our race and their race by the end of 2024)

No.5) "Red adversaries will become pale with fear, putting the great ocean in dread..""( This could indicate an attack on Taiwan from China because China's flag is red and also predicted that the king of Isles would not remain in power for too long)

No.6) "A new king shall be anointed / who for a long time, will appease the Earth..."( could be speaking of King Charles III and he will face personal attacks due to his relationship with Camela as people still remember Princess Diana and think that it was Camela who took Charles from her as it was Nostradamus who predicted the death of the Queen of England way before the current religious head of the Catholics is Pope Francis he might be replaced someone else will take his place)

No.7) "Through the death of a very old pontiff, a Roman of good age will be elected, of him it will be said that he weakens his see, but long will he sit in biting activity" ( Could possibly mean that a younger Pope would take the possession and there could be a potential reduction in power as we might enter into a period of decline of the Catholic Church's power)

Nostradomus died in 1566 and was criticized publicly but the thing to remember is that Nostradamus truly believed in his self and did what was right and continued his work letting the world know how to maneuver through good times and bad times in order to prepare us for times of Despair or Darkness so we internally bring in the light when the darkness May sweep over our realities. Regardless we have much to be thankful for and much to look forward too!! Gotta keep practicing my telepathy so I'm ready for our new friemds!!!