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July 19, 2023

High up on a crystal mountain called Montville, in Australia, is Elevata Clinic and Retreat.

Everyone who comes to Elevata  Clinic and Retreat steps into our scalar wave energy cave and says Wow!

It's where time stands still.

It's warm and cosy and designed for privacy (no sharing with people you don't know), so that you can centre yourself, focus inward and enjoy the peace and serenity. Surrounded by tall palms, soaring bamboo and rainforest with no traffic, city noises, people, or 5G towers to worry about, just you, nature and the EES.

Not only can you stay overnight within the room itself, in total comfort, you could also have a second option and stay with your family in our Thai style villa (3 bedrooms) only steps away from the EE cave. We also offer meditation, yoga, massages and much more if the need arises.

We're here to help people on their healing journey :)