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Linda Parker

Montville, Australia

Thank you, Benjamin!

If you are ever in Aus we would love to have you visit, it's magical how fast the system is helping people to heal now ✨

I hope you find those like-minded people in your area so you can embark on the journey together! 🌻



Sep 17 at 11:06 PM

5 Star Villa Guest Review ⭐️⭐️⭐️ ⭐️⭐️

Favourite experience or recommendation to others:

“The outdoor Experience - Great Vibes - Montville Township”

Message to the host:

“What a beautiful Airbnb. The little extras were delightful. Thankyou.”

The most unexpected thing:

“The friendly kookaburra!”

Jennie - Brisbane


Aug 17 at 07:42 PM

Did you know Elevata is positioned over energy ley-lines? 🌏

Ley-lines are straight lines, essentially energy grids, that stretch across the earth in every direction.

The ancients were said to have marked these lines with stone monuments and pagan temples.

Our ancient ancestors could feel the magic and power emanating from these energy lines, and so they marked them. They set up natural sanctuaries and called the intersections of ley-lines their sacred sites.

With a combination of ley-lines and the EE System’s scalar wave, you can be sure to feel the highly charged energy at both Elevata Retreat and Clinic! ✨


P: (07) 5478 5438


Aug 16 at 01:14 AM

Immerse yourself in 12.5 hours of scalar wave therapy in our completely private, cozy EES lounge. 💫

Lay back, relax, and enjoy a couple of cheeky chocolates while you experience the power of the Energy Enhancement System ✨

Located on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia  🌏

See you soon! 🔮


Aug 08 at 11:51 PM

We are truly blessed with the beautiful guests we have coming to stay here at Elevata Retreat in Montville, Queensland AU. 🥰

Not only can you enjoy all the Villa has to offer (including the brand new magnesium mineral spa on the deck) but you are only steps away from Elevata Clinic, home of the EE System 💫

You can come here for an inclusive health retreat, or to simply relax and unwind in the villa surrounded by blissful serene nature. 

Our EES room is completely private, too, meaning you won't be sharing the room with strangers to ensure you get the most out of your treatment.

You can find out more about our boho Thai-style Villa here:

Thanks so much Bree McLennan! We would love to have you here to escape the gloomy winter Vic weather,  let us know when you're headed up & we'll make your stay extra special ✨🩷


Thank you, Sarah! 💫💕


Hi Pete & Roxy, thank you so much! It truly is a special space.  We look forward to having you! 💕💫  

Let us know when you plan on visiting & we'll put the kettle on 🫖 

Feel free to give us a call on (07) 5478 5438 for the winter specials, or check out our website 🥰


Thank you Patti! 🥰



Jul 24 at 12:48 AM

The Energy Enhancement System has now landed on Australia's Sunshine Coast Hinterland, in Montville at Elevata Clinic & Retreat!

In over 20 years of practising, there haven’t been many new health technologies that have caught my attention and impressed me enough to think “Wow this could really help my patients” …

Until now!

Follow the link to read my blog about the EE System, it's benefits and how scalar energy works. 💫