November 14, 2023

EES Client Testimonial at Elevata Clinic in Montville, QLD ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

“Well one of the main intentions was to clear the mold allergy that I have. I've been, prior to this session for the last few days, working at deactivating the sensitivity of my genes, or the predisposition in my genes so talking to my body and I wanted to continue that here.

At one point I spontaneously was aware I was viewing my body and my body was horizontal horizontal. It was like it was in the middle of the room horizontal, and then my body was split into layers. I was shown it was like small splits, then the top part of me came up and the bottom part of me went down… just as it was stretching up this stuff was just flying out of all the different layers… it's like I had to be separated for all the stuff that wasn't required anymore, and it just like flew out of me!

This part was very gentle, but all the other bits just went and felt amazing. Then it just got bigger and bigger, a gap between each layer, and then it's like my whole body disintegrated and went into gold particles and just went like a whoosh into the nothingness… and I was in the nothingness… and it felt incredible!”

Christine - Perth WA