I declare my freedom by spirtual LAW through the blood of Jesus Christ and I denounce all my wicked ways.. I confess Lord and I repent for the blood of Jesus Christ is covering my body dripping from head to toe.. I am painted gloriously red in the blood of Christ. God, Jesus Christ and the holy Ghost are all that matter and is what is all true,.all knowing,.all consciousness and all love. And I believe that with every ounce of my beating living heart. I send all spells and curses back to sender and I bless the sender with the blood of Christ so that they might turn from there wicked ways. I shroud them with the hug of Jesus in the touch of God. I pray that they be separated from the demonic forces that have them chained.. I forgive them them for any and all turmoil,. anxiety, stress and mishaps in my life. I denounce any and all connections to them or Satan himself.. I break these illusional chains of sin and negativity.. I release all the demons who thought they would ruin my life with there trickery and in the name of Jesus Christ I send them back to hell where they came from.. don't stop here or there and skip past go and go straight to hell.. for the sender.. I want you to know you are loved by me and Jesus Christ.. you don't have to live this way.. I know your hurting and.i know your spiritually confused as you've been captivates and snared by the presence of demonic entities so I don't blame you for what you've done and I forgive you wholeheartedly. You are loved my child.. you are loved. Broken, saved, changed and free, I am... I love you all, God loves you all, Jesus loves you all, but specifically to the witches, warlocks, wizards and satanic occultist, I LOVE YOU!! 777