Just wanted you all to know... God is real.. and he's protecting me.. just wondering you all to know.. Jesus is real.. and he is protecting me. All spells curses, hexes and demonic markers and spells do not affect me because I am saved through the blood of Jesus Christ and I repent and announce my separating from San evil and negativity and converting to the covenant of God through Jesus Christ.. ID now it's all evil ways and I repent from any and all sin as I dedicate my life to God and Jesus Christ. I send all spells and black magic or demonic energies back to where they came from and I am protected by God through Jesus Christ. Nothing or no one can harm me in any way because Jesus Christ and God have a shield around me. I have made a pact with my higher self, God and Jesus Christ to share and announce my testimony to the world and that is what I will do.. I forgive the witches that put all this evil on me and I love you with all my heart. So does Jesus.. just wanted to stop by and tell everybody that Jesus is real is Jesus loves you. And since the devil and demonic forces are real that would make Jesus Christ and God real correct? We live in a divine biological reality that was made specifically for us. That is the truth thus meaning it is a revolution. Now I understand everything.. I understand that not understanding is the point of this life and that is something I am okay with. I forgive you.. all of you