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February 15
• Edited (Feb 15, 2024)

Written by: Caleb J Reeves
(I've been wanting to do a story on the nature and orgins of Reptilians and there orgins to terrestrial Earth as well as non-terrestrial. So here it is..)

There are numerous hypotheses surrounding alien reptilian beings, including their origins and characteristics. Some believe they are extraterrestrial or extra dimensional, while others think they descended from dinosaurs that survived the Cretaceous-Paleogene Extinction event. These intelligent creatures are often thought to dwell underground but have the ability to infiltrate human society through disguise or shape-shifting. Their motives for integrating into human society include preying on humans as a food source and controlling political and sociological developments by impersonating important leaders. The seraphim reptilians which are portrayed as angels in the Christian religion as related also to Judaism. Which was actually a reptilian infiltration into the Christian culture which are winged (Hence The Wings of An Angel) and are actually reptiles and there is negative and positive ones. Seraphim Draconians have never been seen or heard of to be positive and benevolent and have only been portrayed as negative motivated Reptilians. For eons, the alpha draconians have honored and collaborated with the Federation's races. A bond of mutual admiration and countless cooperative endeavors. Yet, scattered negative Alpha Draco factions remain, relentlessly pursued by their enlightened brethren. Picture a 3 story dragon in a space ship... because they are said to have ships and they fly around space in them.. 🤔 🦕 🛸
Be aware of these creatures, for they are often described as human-sized lizard-like bipeds with scaly skin and a long tail. Their ability to change form might be due to natural camouflage or mental illusions, but one thing is certain - their taste for meat may include humans. But not all reptilians are inherently bad or negative, and there are those who have broken away from their evil and malevolent ways. Today on Earth we see two distinct factions of reptilians: a positive benevolent group as well as a negative malevolent one where outside ET forces hunt down the latter while sparing the former to serve as resources in tracking and destroying the truly malicious entities. The presence of distinctly contrasting species within the reptilian family offers insight into its complexity; while some individuals may exhibit malicious intentions, others can be characterized by their kindness and inherently good nature. Not all Reptilians are bad!!
Although they have infiltrated our government systems and entertainment companies as you can relate the reptilians to the Illuminati or the Freemasons of Earth which all connects back to reptilians and their nefarious agendas on Earth with humans. A lot of these people that have been involved with these reptilians are being charged and sentenced to death for the crimes against humanity which include torturing and scaring young kids to a point to where their blood will produce a certain chemical known as adrenochrome has said to be harvested for multiple reasons that of being anti-aging as well as being needed for clones the reptilians have made and apparently these clones need this chemical to stay alive which also creates a type of high feeling almost like drugs do. A man underwent past life regression therapy revealing his involvement in clandestine cosmic initiatives. He recounted entering an area resembling a large refrigerated storage unit containing multiple human bodies suspended by hooks awaiting butchering similar to cuts of beef.
Advanced underground cities housing reptilian beings exist on Earth, with vast monorail networks connecting strategic points across the globe, such as the poles and Mount Shasta. Human access is restricted due to the presence of the Ouroboros symbol, indicating imminent danger. Representative of interplanetary societies founded by intelligent life forms hailing from a non-Mammalian lineage identified via their affiliation with an esoteric image commonly referred to as 'Ourobourous'. This symbol is associated with amphibious or reptiloid humanoids whose presence extends across numerous astronomical objects including terrestrial lunar body plus three planetary neighbors namely mars along with jupitar's galilean trio i e io europa ganymedes callisto IV ordinary yttranos rotating around giant gas planets like satrun featuring its major moon titan thus reflecting widespread influence originating largely beyond earthly realms. As most know David Icke as he refers to the reptilians as beings who want to enslave and destroy planets and civilizations which he also mentioned that the reptilians have a very sacred Royal bloodline which is connected to every United States president.
In Los Angeles in the year 1934 A man found two golden tablets which were said to be a part of the "serpent people" who planned on infiltrating and taking over Humanity. According to legend, a great catastrophe occurred about 5,000 years ago that engulfed everything in fire and destroyed everything in its path. Additionally, it is said that there was an underground city in Los Angeles that the reptilians built using powerful chemicals to create tunnels starting from the oceans. The daily tide passing in and out of the lower tunnel portals forced air into the upper tunnels, providing ventilation and cleansing the lower tunnels. The legend then says there were spacious domes that provided comfortable housing for 1,000 families while also serving as a testament to sustainable architecture. Additionally, thoughtful preparation allowed for an abundance of nourishing herbal provisions to be stored away in secure catacombs beneath the city, ensuring that the Reptilians could/would survive the fires and disasters to come.. it's also been said that the underground city was created and played out in the picture of a lizard for longevity to life.
The next time you watch a movie with dragons, remember that these magnificent creatures could very well be rooted in reality. Historically associated with strength, courage, and wisdom, maybe there's more truth behind their legendary status than initially thought. The dragon lineage of the reptilians are said to be benevolent and more positive rather than negative, believe it or not.. there are negative malevolent dragon reptilians but most are actually positive. Embracing diversity, we find the good and bad in every species. Let's not judge by appearances, for even the most fearsome creature may possess a heart of gold or the willingness to let the light of love overcome there darkness and pain.
*note to the reader...This is part 1 of 3 stories I will cover over the orgins and history of Reptilians with their presence here on Earth as well as outside of earth.
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