December 08, 2023
ā€¢ Edited (May 09, 2024)

God is real.. thank you Jesus for this precious life you have given me. Jesus is the one true truth.. everything else is suspect to being complete bullshit and hogwash. Our reality consist of one large biological plane of existence which is perceived by us, the observers in order to bring back experience to the one true creator, God. The truth is coming out slowly but one thing I do know after today, you can read through my 1000 plus posts and see my belief systems fluctuate from this to that, as I searched and scoured each and every philosophical theory of why we are here and who we are.. I came to the profound conclusion that basically everything that we have been taught from grade school is a lie and is bullshit.. I would say like 98% is wrong and bullshit. Once I learned the true nature of our existence I started being able to see everything for what it is.. bullshit. Sighing off..ā„¢ Ā©JĀ®