So you say.. God isn't real?? Tell me this.. if demons are real.. that must mean God is real right?? I'm protected by Jesus Christ and God and that is why I am still alive and nothing face me.. because I had the full armor of God on and I am saved by the blood of Jesus Christ. Your spells, hexes, curses and demonic markers DO NOT PHASE ME!! I'm strong.. I'm beautiful.. I'm smart.. and I'm outsmarting your witchcraft and black magic.. how?? God through the blood of Jesus Christ, confession and repentance.. I am forever saved.. and through God I sent them all back to the sender.. I am spiritually resilient and have absolutely no ounce of fear in my body, mind and soul. I will/can overcome ANYTHING through the pure and never failing energy of God. So shoot your arrows.. I am INVINCABLE.. most importantly.. I forgive the sender for there jealousy issues and hatred towards me.. I forgive you for trying to ruin my life.. I forgive you for messing with the wrong spiritual person.. I forgive you for hating yourself... I forgive you for helping me come back to God in Jesus Christ.. I forgive you for making me realize that my real eyes recognize real lies.. I forgive you for making me stronger and more connected to myself than ever.. I forgive you for being a failure to humanity.. I forgive you because without forgiving you I can never move past your demonic and satanic spells.. I forgive you because I love you. I delivered myself which is very rare but I did it! Anything in all things are possible through God in Jesus Christ. Thank you for waking me up.. actually waking me up. Have fun sleeping.