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Alex Gardner 1111

Crisfield, MD, United States

Hey Unifyd Fam! My name is Alex & I live on the Eastern Shore, MD. I LOVE Unifyd and I'm excited to see our community grow together :)


Feb 16 at 11:16 AM

💜 Basics

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Feb 15 at 10:52 AM

Michael Christenson I agree. It can feel like we're a million miles away from the ones who truly understand and are enlightened themselves. I have no doubt that major changes are coming though, the feeling has gotten stronger and stronger each day. Especially in Ohio right now. The local government there is getting all amped up about a "threat to national security"- which those of us who know the truth understand that they are just slowly setting the stage for project Blue Beam to take place. It's definitely going to be challenging times ahead, which is why it's even more important that we learn now how to practice peace and love and believe in our own abundance and sovereignty- even when it might not be mirrored in our current environment. These times will change and things Will be okay. I also believe it's important to try to find at least a few other people who live close by that you can connect with in person. We will all need each others support very soon.

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Feb 15 at 09:37 AM

I hear you. I used to wonder "Why do I have so many road blocks to prosperity, especially when I'm trying so hard to be so positive about everything?". Over time, and through many different teachings, I've finally arrived at a major awareness as to the "why's"... I was inadvertently blocking the possibility of abundance due to my constant feelings of lack. And of course it sounds dumb at first- like "well duh, I AM in lack"... But that is the problem- How We Feel. If you can understand and apply the right formula to this abundance type thinking (and feeling), it turns into a game changer almost overnight! You must be still and quiet, connect with the earth, sit outside or by yourself somewhere peacefully where you can focus. Take several deep breaths, in your nose and out your mouth. Really try to Feel your Angels and guides within you. And repeat the message Sarah gives us. You'll know it when you hear it in the video. It has a certain vibration. It's very cool 😊💜

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Feb 15 at 09:21 AM

Almost all of us have been in that place at some point in our lives- and some of us even feel like we reside in that place full time. But I want to share a very special message with you that's a total game changer- and I can say this with pure confidence because I've put this teaching into practice myself and it has changed my life.

Watch this video link I'm leaving for you. Sarah Landon is a channeler who is able to connect vibrationally with us through her channeled messages. At a certain point towards the end of this video she shares a very strong message that I could literally feel connecting with my spirit and raising my vibration. The message itself is profound, and something I use as a daily mantra while meditating. I hope this helps you in every possible way. 💜

Feb 14 at 08:37 PM

Also, that mirror could have been somewhere else before it was later attached to that bathroom wall. So like if it was laying against a wall in a warehouse for months before being shipped out it could also become magnetized before it ever made it to your house.

Feb 14 at 08:32 PM

I asked my husband (because he knows things like this) and this was his response...

"First- I would check, even if it is an outside wall, if there is a high energy source inside that wall such as a Junction box. Second- I would wanna know how old the mirror was to decide what they used for the silvering process on the back of the mirror- because newer mirrors do not use silver anymore, they'll usually use some other metal alloy which may contain a Ferrous metal- if that is a case and there is a electric inside the wall then it's very possible that corner of the mirror may have become magnetized over time."


Feb 13 at 12:07 PM

💥👍I just finished watching the interview Tucker Carlson did with Russell Brand and it was phenomenal! Russell Brand did an amazing job capturing the passion, determination and powerful voice of the people. He is being villainized by multiple governments for speaking up against Big pharma, The WHO, mainstream media, the US gov, as well as the UK for their deep corruption and secret agendas against humanity. I'm leaving a link to the YouTube interview below. Check it out! 💯🌎


Feb 12 at 02:56 PM

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💖 I just wanted to share something I find very special.
We all have an influence on each other and I take that responsibility very seriously. I always try to be a loving supportive light to those around me, and I've been blessed to see some amazing results because of that. Of course I have also been shown the same love and support by people I consider to be my earthly guides and teachers also.
My awesome best friend drives the school bus for elementary and middle school children, and they absolutely adore her. She always strives to be a bright light in their day, going above and beyond her duty. The children and their parents have a special place in their hearts for her, and this is just one of the examples of why....
She had these stickers made and put them on the ceiling of her bus today, to inspire the kids to follow their dreams. Lots of love to my friend Kat 🩷

Feb 12 at 01:12 PM

I've noticed that I can follow certain profiles on my laptop, but not on my phone.


Feb 11 at 11:25 PM

Idk who might have seen or heard about this yet, but we have some new trouble brewing.
On February 7th the FBI called in all the County Sheriff's from each state and had a meeting with them to discuss future "terrorist attacks" that they should all be preparing for- including drone attacks, cyber attacks, hacking into our power grids and even hinted at individuals crossing the borders with weapons or bombs in their backpacks.
So far I've heard Vladimir Putin and the Chinese being blamed for these "threats". And of course mainstream media and certain law enforcement is just eating up this whole FBI narrative without question... which completely baffles me.
One County Sheriff in particular arranged his own little press conference as soon as he got back to his home state of Ohio and announced that he was planned on having 30 civilians trained and used as local militia, and ordering all uniformed officers to carry AR-15's and extra mags in each squad car. He wants the governor to close their borders immediately and charge Any "illegal aliens" with a federal crime and detained indefinitely if they are caught within his state.
Things are getting more outta hand each day. I want to reiterate that I do Not agree with anything this Sheriff is saying, but I found his statements to be very interesting and concerning. I am sharing this information and link to the actual video because we need to be informed about what is happening and what narratives the FBI is trying to scare people with right now- and what they might actually be planning to do to us themselves.