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The Day Before Disclosure

"The Day Before Disclosure" is a riveting journey through the enigma of UFOs and alien encounters. It showcases the compelling history of UFO sightings, the secrecy surrounding government knowledge, and the profound impact of extraterrestrial technology on human civilization. This documentary takes you through personal accounts and evidence of alien encounters, examining the shifts in media coverage and public perception.

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Time to Look Up

TLS - The Light System - Season 2

Peel back the layers of reality to reveal the forces silently shaping our world.

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The Watchers - Pt 5

The evidence of extraterrestrial presence on Earth is overwhelming and undeniable.

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Is there actual proof humanity is not alone in the universe?

Dr. Steven Greer

Portal to the Pleiadians - Pt 1

What if our consciousness held the key to a profound awakening, revealing ancient secrets & igniting a transformative journey for humanity?

Award Winning Series

Divine Intervention

What if the path to unlocking our true potential lies in ancient knowledge suppressed by hidden forces?

David Icke

Galactic Messages - Pt 1

What is channeling and how can it be used to communicate with ETs?

Channeling Session

The Light System - Season 2

Explore the boundaries of reality with Jason Shurka in Season 2 of "The Light System," where the unexplained and the mystical become the focal point. This series of thought-provoking videos delves into topics from weather manipulation and the power of language to UFOs and extraterrestrial life. Uncover how these forces, both seen and unseen, are shaping our world. Join us to peel back the layers to discover what lies beneath the surface of what we think of as “ reality”.

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The Phenomenon

Dive into the depths of the UFO enigma with this riveting documentary. Uncover firsthand accounts from pilots, authenticated military footage, and evidence suppressed for decades. Journey through a hidden history filled with incredible sightings and government secrets, and question everything you know about our place in the universe.

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Paradigm Shift

This captivating collection delves into the mysteries surrounding unidentified aerial phenomena, government secrecy, and the role of Hollywood in shaping public perception. Stephen Basset, a seasoned UFO researcher and activist, brings personal stories, historical insights, and a forward-looking perspective on disclosure and extraterrestrial presence. From personal transformations of skeptics to believers, to the profound psychological impacts of encounters, this series promises to alter your understanding of the universe and the hidden truths within it. 

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The Pyramid Code - 4 Part Series

Explore the enigmatic Pyramid Code, offering a new perspective on the interconnectedness of the spirit and physical worlds. It challenges viewers to question the dominance of materialism in our lives, contrasting it with ancient religious beliefs and the concept of divine inspiration. The narrative also delves into the controversial existence of extraterrestrial races and their possible influence on humanity. It highlights the double-edged nature of technological advancements and introduces the mystical process of Barakah, revealing potential supernatural abilities that could change our understanding of human evolution.

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Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers

This video unveils the riveting journey of Bob Lazar, a man caught in the whirlpool of alien technologies and government secrecy. His tale of the clandestine Area 51, and claims about the mysterious Element 115, stir a pot of skepticism and intrigue. When a raid in Michigan unfolds with agents hunting for elusive Element 115, the plot thickened. This narrative isn't just a story but a voyage into the unknown, beckoning us to delve deeper into a world where the line between reality and the extraterrestrial blurs.

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Step into the Portal

Discover the enigmatic journey of battling souls, starseeds, and ancient warriors striving to illuminate humanity's path. Uncover the power of inner work, healing traumas, and connecting with higher realms through ayahuasca and Pleiadian beings. Learn about the transformative potential of the Pleiadian med-bed technology as it elevates frequencies, balances energies, and facilitates the great awakening.

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