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Brand new!!


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Supernatural - 

Explore the supernatural channel for all things woo-woo. Share your experiences no matter how unexplainable or out of this world they may seem. Connect with others over strange encounters, mysterious sightings, or even psychic abilities. Nothing is too out there to be discussed.



Feb 07 at 01:03 PM

Empowerment - 

In a time where we need to spread love the most, this channel is an environment that was created to lift each other up as we collectively reclaim our sovereignty. Together we can inspire change in each other’s lives and call back our personal power. It’s time to live authentically and break free from the perceived limitations that have been placed upon us.



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Rabbit Holes - 

Journey down the rabbit hole, a place where community members come together to explore various topics with depth and curiosity. Come with an open mind and be prepared to get lost in conversations that may blow your mind or feel safe to share your own insights and perspectives more freely on topics that may otherwise be considered taboo


I don’t many a dollar from EESystem sales. When it comes to UNIFYD Healing, that is a non-profit that I don’t take a salary from either. Center pledge donations of anywhere from 700-1,000USD per month and we use those funds to market them, actually VERY small amount to get what they’re getting in the marketing world :) I hope that clears up the confusion!


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Amazing!!! 24 hours left for early bird pricing!

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Find a center near you to experience the EES!!


Jan 10 at 06:07 PM

We are checking on this and will get back to you soon!

Jan 06 at 01:27 AM

Diane Beilstein this is Jason shurka directly. In person is $2,495 because of all the expenses involved. Livestream is a fraction of that, $395, because there are less expenses involved