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Dear friends and loved ones,

The most challenging moments in life, although painful, have the power to change us.

We are at a time of war, which is similar to a coping with a disease. There is a direct link between disease and war in terms of their source mechanism and their positive effect on us. Disease on a personal level and war on the collective social level.

Each of us came into this world to undergo a process of learning through which we change, learn, advance and develop. In our learning process we encounter difficulties, obstacles, disease and wars that constitute challenges through which we undergo change. However, if we reject the challenge due to ignorance or a sense of physical, mental or moral threat, the challenge turns into a crisis and causes trauma.

The lack of acceptance of an event or incident, particularly if it is severe, turns it into a crisis and trauma. A traumatic crisis becomes a disease if we have not processed it and released the negative emotions that arose within us, such as hate, anger or revenge, which are associated with it. This situation creates an imbalance in the energetic system and starts manifesting itself as signs of suffering of the soul. And if have not understood these signs, it may become a physical disease of the body.

The war is a sign of disharmony created as a result of the sense of existential threat associated with the illusion of the eternality of the animal soul. Disease and also war hold the potential for change, advancement, growth and development, provided their origin is understood.

If the symptom is treated and not its source, the problem will repeat itself, in an even more intense and severe form. The word trauma in Greek means 'wound'. The wound will heal only when forgiveness is awakened within us, which leads to healing.

We are witnesses to the fact that precisely at the depth of our struggles and trauma we find the potential for growth, for healing and for opening our heart and soul. From the darkness we find hope from which the strength to release, to find a new way and to rewrite our story arises. When we navigate between the twists and turns of our healing journey, we find and gradually expose the resilient human spirit that resides within us.

It is therefore important to remember that the growth and self-revelation process sometimes derives from disease, war and distress. Although this might be difficult to bear, it is a road that can lead to profound change in our lives.

Trauma can feel like an insurmountable mountain; but remember that on the other side of this mountain you can find new horizons, new beginnings and renewed strength.

When you overcome this difficult and challenging time, consider this a journey toward inner compassion, empathy and compassion toward others, which enables the renewal of the process of love flowing, consciousness expanding and a sense of joy.

It is not always easy to undergo this intense experience, particularly when we are at the eye of the storm, and here also we discover the generosity of the heart and the love that surrounds us, which share our destiny. You don't have to endure this alone – it is important and advisable to turn to friends, family and professionals who can support us.

When in the eye of the storm, one has the strength to rise, to become even stronger, wiser, more compassionate. One's journey might be long, but it can ultimately lead to a deeper connection with one's spiritual essence and the world around them.

The secret of the journey begins by bravely embracing this transformative process and having confidence that it will lead us to a place of unexpected beauty and resilience. With love, support and unshakable hope one can overcome the trauma and become the person that they are supposed to be.

Let's pray together to the Lord to give us the strength and wisdom to replace the tools of war with tools of understanding and empathy. To recognize the shared humanity that unifies us all, which extends beyond all borders, ideologies and controversies.

Let us pray that our compassion will also influence the hearts of the leaders and decision makers, and will inspire them to choose the path of peace over aggression, and diplomacy over conflict. Will make them brave enough to extend their hand in reconciliation and heal the wounds of those who have been injured in this war, physically and mentally.

May the divine touch, which can pass and be expressed through each and every one of us, repair the bodies and calm the souls of all the casualties of the war. May it comfort the grieving, and give them the strength to rebuild their lives.

We pray for a world in which swords become plows, in which nations live in unity, where the pain and suffering of war are only distant memories.

They are the divine source of love and compassion, and we implore you to intervene and bring an end to this war. May the world unite in a pursuit of peace, understanding and harmony.

Amen 🙏🏽

Dr. Nader Butto



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