Shane Vogt

Mar 06 at 10:46 AM

Nichole Betts let me reach out ill let you know


Mar 06 at 07:37 AM

Nichole Betts im in pa too, i know for a fact you can get unemployment, no matter which way they play it....since it has to do with beluef systems unemployment wont say no and since you have experience youll be able to find other work, i know some people in york i can call around if you want

Mar 06 at 07:17 AM

sounds like you should, youll at the least get unemploymment out of it, dont sweat it, youll find another job in no time


Mar 06 at 06:59 AM

you were seriously fired for your beliefs? i thought that was illegal

forgot aboyt kratom


Feb 29 at 02:26 PM

me too, i love writing, i just bought fl studio but i cant make a beat to save my life haha...sorry bout ur relapse bro ive been there but im glad to hear ur cleab


Feb 29 at 09:48 AM

♥︎999♥︎ i agree, yoga and meditation work id you have patience for it, i stopped following religion but believe in a higher power, but i wont tell people their beliefs are nonsense. Especially since my beliefs are way out there.....i still teach my kids religious views though

Feb 29 at 05:14 AM

good toons bro, can you mske beats?

physical, im more of a hands on person


Feb 28 at 11:22 AM

who here can make beats with fl studio? im horrible at making beats, i can rap though, im trying to make some songs email me at