Apr 22 at 11:10 AM

⁹N∆UTIC∆L⁹⁹⁹N0N§€N§€⁹ nothing wrong with sharing your passions! And I am not saying that you are making anyone angry or there is any issue with the info you are sharing. The literal text in your post says "NOW THIS IS HOW YOU TELL IF YOU'VE BEEN INDOCTRINATED.. DO YOU FEEL ANGRY?? DO YOU FEEL LIKE THIS IS ALL A COINSIDENCE?? DO YOU STILL BELIEVE SCIENCE OVER GOD?? WILL YOU REFUSE TO ACKNOWLEDGE THE HARD FACTS OF SATANISM IN THE NUMEROLOGY MEASUREMENTS OF THUS GIANT FALSE REALITY THE CABAL CREATED?? ARE YOU ANGRY WITH ME OR THE CREATOR OF THE PODCAST??" ....which is why I was asking if anger was the goal of sharing the info or if there was something more you are hoping happens within people once they have received this information. Is it an emotion, is it just a deeper awakening, or is there a physical act that you want people to take?

Apr 22 at 10:48 AM

It's interesting to think about to when you consider how monks shave their heads


Apr 22 at 10:41 AM

That is a bold claim😂🤦

Apr 22 at 10:38 AM

Welcome Seth!

Replied on Unifyd TV Trailer

Apr 22 at 10:05 AM

Please reach out to member support and they can look into the situation for you https://44ev6j23bhs.typeform.com/contact-unifyd


Apr 22 at 09:55 AM

I understand the concern and frustration in wanting to know more and have more proved to be true. I believe the biggest reason Ray doesn't share more, especially when it comes to actually teaching, is because you never know who is watching and he doesn't want these abilities (much like the codes themselves) getting into the wrong hands.



Apr 21 at 02:28 PM

IMF Warns of Bank Collapse and Bank Runs!

Is this the turning point in regards to the way in which we exchange currency?
Silver has been on the rise and will continue to rise through the rest of the year!
Check out this video that Jason shares to learn about what to expect.👇🏼
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Apr 19 at 03:30 PM




Apr 19 at 02:47 PM

Why is April 20th, 2024 such a big day energetically?!✨

Many people were concerned about events that could happen as a result of this past Solar Eclipse. There was a lot of fear built up around an event that happens twice a year, however, no one other than astrologers seem to be talking about the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction happening tomorrow; a rare astrological event that takes place only about every 14 years (One of those times being at the height of WWII)!

To understand what type of events can take place, it's important to look back on past events that happened under the same transit, as well as current events leading up to this date (The talk of a new currency system being a big one, tied in with the theme of Taurus).

This isn't shared to stir up even more fear, but to empower everyone to realize the radical change that can take place. Expect whatever happens to reshape the world over the next coming years. Let's use this energy to manifest positive change and welcome in a better way of life for the collective!

Read more in the article below to learn about the significance of Jupiter and Uranus, major events/breakthroughs that happened in the past, and ways to work with this energy individually.👇


Apr 19 at 10:51 AM

Unfortunately TLS is not a group that you can reach out to about joining as they are very selective and take a long approach to recruiting members based on certain qualities they possess and are needed at the time