Been Doing Research for the past 7 or years on what's been going on with Earth and Humanity.Very Disturing.


Feb 16 at 01:31 PM

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Came Across these over the past Few weeks.The first 2 were yesterday.A girl made a Post angry about Starseeds having to do all the work.And wondered Where the Angels were.Her post was the day before the first 2 Photos.


Feb 16 at 01:26 PM

What was that?
(Adapt And Overcome)=
He's not there to Hurt the Sheep.


Feb 16 at 01:16 PM

This is a Video of a Missile hitting the Pentagon.Not an Airplane.


Feb 15 at 01:03 PM

Just seeing if I can Still Post here.
Shut down my account.


Feb 13 at 05:59 PM

If anyone wants to Friend Request me on Facebook my Profile is,
Zak Onsrud.
With the (Flower of Life) as a Profile Photo.


Feb 13 at 05:40 PM

Now they won't let me unsubscribe from this App.
Go Figure.
I had to go through Google to unsubscribe.This App is dirty as Hell.


Feb 13 at 04:49 PM

I just Figured out the Super Bowl is rigged through Binary Code.But I can only put up one picture on each Post.
Just came across this?
(10110) in Binary Code Equals,
Refer to 47 above?

That's Crazy.
And if you put (22)
Face to Face?
It becomes a kneeling Heart.
I just Thought of that?


Feb 13 at 10:22 AM


The information on Orgone is Truth.It Blocks EMF Pollution.


Feb 12 at 06:43 PM
This is on the Subject of
It's for the Most Part Correct.
Life Itself isn't the Illusion,the Power and Control System is={Demiurge}.
The Technical Term for the Archon is,"Spectral Parasites."=
Light Feeders.
They Anchor in at the
(Solar Plexus Chakra) and
Ties into the
Central Nervous System.
The (Center/Core) of the
(Human Energy Field)
is the (Heart).
They use Negative Emotions of {Fear} and {Suffering} to {InVert} a Portion of the
(Human Energy Field)
into a substance called,"Loosh."=
You know when your in Really Deep Trouble and it Feels like your Heart is Sinking into your Stomach?That's a Loosh Drain.
Why they Anchor in at the
(Solar Plexus Chakra) to feed on the Loosh.
When the Archon Communicates with the Human Being it Sounds like
(Internal Dialogue).
(Internal Dialogue is when someone Talks to Themselves in Their Mind and They can Hear Their Thoughts within Their Mind.
If a Person Hears Un-initiated
{Internal Dialogue} within
Their Mind,Odds are More than likely it's an Archon.
Archon is a {Parasitical}+
{Neuro Network Hive Mind}=
Called the,"Demiurge."
It's a Hive Mind of
{Phsycopathic Personalities}.
It's taken over part of the
Grey and Draconian Species.
So if You do happen to Hear
{Internal Dialogue}
Don't Do what it says.
Just Ignore it.
All it wants is Your Fear and Suffering={Loosh}.
They use these Archon to Gangstalk Individuals also.
Don't "Be"lie"ve"
Anything it Says.
This is why Everything is Built Around Belief Systems Because Humanity is Easier to Manipulate within a
Belief System.
And I just learned that Some People Don't Know what Internal Dialogue is.
So they may Mistake the Communication of Archon as the Thought Process.
All those terrible thoughts Running Through Your Mind,Like Their Not Your
Is because their Not Your Thoughts.
It's a Dimensional Parasitical Phsycopathic Personality.
Some People May Identify the {Internal Dialogue} as God or a Guide and it may Even Help you and make you feel Special?
It's just Setting you up for a Big Fall.
I've Witnessed Archonic Attacks in National News Media I won't mention at this Time.Because some of them connect to past personal Childhood trauma of my own.
And Most would think I'm Crazy Anyway and I've had Enough of reading and hearing that.
The Archon Can Only Hurt You Through Other People.
I Spent 20 years Thinking I was Schizophrenic Untill I Started Doing the Research About 7 or 8 years ago.
It All Began with a Syncronistic Event in my front yard.
This is why Humanity has been in a Perpetual State of Warfare for a Long Time,
It's a Feeding Frenzy.
Stay Positive and Morally Sound and You'll Have Nothing to worry about.
The Archon can Posses an Individual if Their Vibration Gets to Low.And when the Entire Cell Block is Hating on an Empath,it can Happen,it Becomes to Overwhelming.
It Happened to me in Jail once.
I remember coming in and out of Contiousness while in their.
I spent about 30 days in there and Only Recall about a Few Minutes.
When I Came to Contiousness I was Being dragged into the Court Room by 2 Guards.
I didn't even know why I was there.I couldn't keep my head up,so it hit the table in front of me.
The Judge thought that was pretty funny.
Then the Guard said,
"Should we get the
Smelling Salts."
Then the Judge said,
"Are you Going to do it again?"
And I just said,"No."
Not even knowing why I was there to begin with.
Then they dragged me back out and I lost Contiousness Again.The Last thing I remember was leaving Jail.
No Joking.


Feb 12 at 08:25 AM

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