Been Doing Research for the past 7 or years on what's been going on with Earth and Humanity.Very Disturing.

Feb 18 at 03:50 PM

Coming to Contiousness includes the "Ego Death" by the time you enter the 5th Dimensional Plane of Vibrational Consciousness.

Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud Split up over this Subject.


Shane Vogt

Yeah,The 13 Ruling Families.


Draconians run the Catholic Church also.White Alpha Draconian.

Feb 16 at 01:13 PM

Sorry,I don't do Telegram or X/Twitter.Didnt Elon Musk buy X?

It Because of the Research I've done,Nothing Personal.

Feb 16 at 01:11 PM

Life Path Numbers only go to 9.Your a 2.

Feb 15 at 01:05 PM

Nostradamus Backwards is


Hitler was a Failed Artist.

The Quatrain about "Hister?"

Feb 14 at 03:18 PM


They do that to me also.

I'll try you.

Replied on post was deleted

Feb 14 at 09:17 AM

Michael Christenson

Good Call.Id look in Natural Remedies Like,Reshi,Lions Mane,

Cloves for toothaches.To Build the Immune System.

Do Not Injest Flouride.

It's Pure Poison and will Calcify your Child's (Pineal Gland).

Above all Listen to your Child when they Speak or React to a Situation.

Don't be Authoritative with them.

Be a Friend.

Do Alot of Research.Id Probably Home School Depending on the School Environment and Rules.

This Gender Role thing is Luciferian

Transhumanism A.I. Agenda.Yet,Many people view it as Natural Evolution,it's Not.

Yet, don't Teach them Hatred towards this,it just fuels the Agenda.This Evil feeds off Fear,Negativity and Suffering.And it doesn't care who's in Fear or Suffering.

Feb 14 at 09:03 AM



I Still think Trump is the Replacement Luciferian Transhumanism Power and Control System.Yet,I don't Count Anything out,Hope and Everything.

And if their Really Saving Kids I'm with ya.Im going off this App.

Its to confusing and I couldn't cancel through the App.And some of my Posts aren't getting out there.

You can Friend Request me on Facebook if you'd like, the Profile is,

"Zak Onsrud",with a photo of the (Flower of Life) on it.And a photo of a black woman that made a Famous Quote, you'll get it,I Hope.


Feb 13 at 08:06 PM


@the copy I have doesn't say Anything about Covid?