Dana Carter

Apr 27 at 05:20 PM

So is this saying ill never unblock my third eye until I die? I really hope not, I've been trying to decalcify my pineal gland for awhile now, and that's how I'm meant to be able to access my 3rd eye.

Apr 27 at 05:15 PM

This is beautiful

Apr 27 at 05:10 PM

I remember as a kid I used to Stare at the sun until my eyes teared up. Don't know why but I did it alot.


Apr 27 at 05:03 PM

Omg I've been saying the same thing!!!! Why are the clouds so close to the land?? I've NEVER seen clouds that look like they're only 20/50 yards up! And yes they have been looking odd!! I wish I took a pic of them Friday morning as I left work, it looked like something was coming thru the clouds, spreading them out underneath, and there were discolorations at regular intervals sort of coming thru. Terrible explanation, but, wow, I really thought it was just me!

Apr 27 at 04:56 PM

I've been seeing 1's alot for the past few weeks as I continue to work to elevate my awareness and make changes of my personality. It's very challenging to attempt to remain in the present and I frequently hv to remind myself to get out if my head and into my breath and movements, but then I'll see a succession of 1's or some words will jump out off a page or something I'm looking at and there I'll see a sentence encouraging me to keep at it and I do bc we must learn and practice controlling our thoughts, they aren't meant to be on auto pilot and that's why we struggle to create bc our mind n heart r in a state of incoherence, and we cannot create our reality unless mind n heart are coherent. I just hope some lizard dude doesn't destroy shit before we get to coherance.

Apr 27 at 02:32 PM

Well, u do hv a point, but I don't get the feeling anyone spilling the T has nefarious intentions. Then again, that's the idea.

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Apr 27 at 12:21 PM

I gotta say, SCREW U ARNOLD! And I'm STILL happy being unvaccinated for a virus OUR OWN GOVERNMENT DOLED OUT TO ITS PEOPLE!! I'll take some shaming in order to keep my OWN MIND and MY OWN BODY. #thinkforyourself

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Apr 27 at 11:21 AM

I did NOT let them pump my kid, or myself with whatever poison they suddenly came up with only a year after this weird virus swept thru America. I'm SO glad I trusted my gut.


Replied on TRANCE

Apr 27 at 11:17 AM

Angelique Doudnikova 1 man is simply not meant to be in a position of unlimited power. We see it every day when men are put in a position of authority and power, and throw a shit ton of $$ in the mix, wut u now hv is a damaged ego that is bored with being able to buy anything he wants so he inevitably looks to more taboo, harder to acquire items simply for the thrill of being able to get away with it. And it's the American People who fund this evil shit. WE ARE PAYING FOR THE LIFELONG TRAUMATIZATION OF THE SYSTEMATIC ABUSE, HUMAN TRAFFICKING, not to mention the DRUG ADDICTION OF OUR OWN PEOPLE. The only way to stop it is CONSTANT AWARENESS, QUESTION EVERYTHING, REFUSE TO BE A SHEEP, WAKE UP, DO OUR PART TO TEACH OUR KIDS TRUTHS AND STOP ALLOWING SHIT LIKE TIK TOK TO BE OUR KIDS PARENTS!! Don't be blind to wuts really been going on and the mechanisms put in place to control us by the FEW we've put in positions of power and STOP TRUSTING SOMEONE JUST BECAUSE THEY SAY U CAN!!

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Apr 27 at 10:57 AM

Man, I stopped supporting Disney after frozen became so offensively commercialized that it was just EVERYWHERE, and "rumors" about child s.a. and other horrific stories came to light about how dirty and sinister Disney truly is I stopped watching anything associated with the foul corporation. This is the thing tho: WE OUT NUMBER THE ELITIST ULTRA RICH WHO ARE RUNNING THINGS BY ASTRONOMICAL NUMBERS!! WHY ARE WE STILL ALLOWING THE "GOVERNMENT" WE PUT IN THE POSITIONS OF POWER TO DO THIS EVIL, UNAUTHORISED, INNOCENCE MURDERING, UNNATURAL SINISTER BEHAVIORS TO OUR OWN CHILDREN??!! I knew there was something dark going on with all these different state department for family and children just allowing SO SO MANY children to die by the hands of their abusers on the sorry excuse that those kids simply "fell thru the cracks". The planet and all its inhabitants do not belong to anyone. And it's ALL our responsibility to care for eachother and the planet. What is the solution?