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February 14
• Edited (Feb 15, 2024)

Fill up your cup first🤗

No matter your relationship status, we can all benefit from self love. The love we cultivate within ourselves translates into our external relationships, whether that be romantic, platonic or even family. So often we want to pour that love into others first, however, you can't pour from an empty cup.

"Fill up your own cup and let them fall in love with the overflow."

Check out this article to learn the importance of self love, what it is, and how you can create self love routines.👇

February 23

When you finally understand the true meaning and codes of the Bible. The meaning of everything. Our body’s, allergy’s, and humans.
History, and cultures, and why things are happening and not the matrix’s.
You will open your eyes, technology is killing us, certain people are trying to kill us.
I am a empath and a muse, not because I created it as they say.
Maybe I have a soul, maybe I do not. But I was baptized at birth as a catholic, my father was baptized as Mormon. Let me explain something about life and how we were raised. The truth about the Bible, story’s. Psychology, allergies, history.
We all have the capability in us, we just need to figure out what and how to heal ourselves. When you start to understand you will see and feel it.
I have stood next to the ee system, I have spoken to people about the spinal flow, has to do with emotions. Healing and allowing our emotions and understanding our emotions.
When you have health issues, and allergies your body reacts to those things. The medical field has no idea because they no nothing about allergies much. But I finally do, and when you start to understand that allergies come in different ways. When you start to understand your emotions, and allergies. When you start to understand your own dna..especially the markers of your dna. You can finally start to heal your mind, your body, your energy. The code of the pyramids, history, the Bible, your love, your body.

February 14


February 26

Bridge the gap between spiritual and physical reality🧘‍♀️

We came here to live the human experience, but that doesn't mean completely abandoning the spiritual essence at our core.

In life, we can often experience a pendulum swing between living a spiritual life and living more in the physical reality. On one end of the spectrum, you may find yourself so in-tune with your upper chakras that you can become disconnected from reality, while on the other end of the spectrum, you are so grounded in reality that you forget you are a powerful, spiritual being.

Personal growth comes from finding balance between the two and in doing so, you allow yourself to co-create with the Universe, while also finding purpose in life and experiencing the lessons that you came here to learn.

Learn how you can use mindfulness to live a life of balance.👇

February 20

Share to others and to help get higher consciousness thinking aroused inside them as well.

Always trying to inspire others to be better than you were the day before.

The most important thing is you and your internal peace.

Always focus on you first.

Never stop challenging yourself.


Expand your consciousness!

Question Everything?

Deception is everywhere. 💕❤️💕❤️💕
Come join my instagram & YouTube channel and enjoy inspirational quotes and photos @joeybmanifestluv or @Joey_B.77 or #joeybmanifestluv #JoeyBInspirations #JoeyBPhotography

#lawofattraction #higherconsciousness
#conciousness #higherself

February 21

Never loose yourself!!!

February 07
• Edited (Feb 09, 2024)

Empowerment - 

In a time where we need to spread love the most, this channel is an environment that was created to lift each other up as we collectively reclaim our sovereignty. Together we can inspire change in each other’s lives and call back our personal power. It’s time to live authentically and break free from the perceived limitations that have been placed upon us.

February 19

What does the collective have in store for 2024?⭐

We hope you took a lot away from Danielle Paige's series "Accessing Your Multidimensional Self". It is quite empowering to know how to interpret your birth chart, but did you know you can also utilize astrology to understand how the planetary transits impact you moving forward?

This is true on both an individual and collective level. As a collective, we can expect many major shifts happening over the course of this year, especially now that Pluto has moved into the sign of Aquarius.

Check out the article below to see what's in store and how it can propel us forward as more and more people awaken.

February 09

You are the miracle in someone's life today. 🌈🫶

February 17
• Edited (Feb 17, 2024)

the cosmic secret with david wilcock👍👍👍