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September 13
• Edited (Sep 13, 2023)

What questions do you have about The Pyramid Code Part 1???

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September 30


September 29

Even the Scientific American is talking about how the nature of reality is not what we’ve been told. I love how all this this truth is starting to come out.

September 27

Is anyone else getting emails from "" regarding Quantum Financial, and is this legit?

September 25
September 25
September 29
September 27
September 29

The title to this post says it all. When I first saw this newest in a series of vaccines for COVID commercials, I was struck with this sense that all we were seeing was a CGI of Martha Stewarts' branded figure. This is an 81 year old woman who, if you look at previous pictures of her and compare it with this commercial, you realize that this is not Martha Stewart. And wherever you go online, there are makeshift video hosts who have suddenly come out of the woodwork recently who are making a fuss over how great she looks for her age and how menacing she looks as she lops off the head of a pineapple. There are recent pictures of her where her neck shows a lot of aging along with the usual lines in the face, but the figure in the commercial has none of that. I just can't get over how anyone would not be able to see through the facade that these corporations parade before the populace. They expect everybody will believe and not use their critical thinking to question what they're seeing. It gets to be rather insulting after a while. Link to commercial below.                                        

September 24

This magnificent Maine Coon cat reminds me of my former ET lives as a majestic feline being in the Lyra Star System. What Star Race to you feel alignment with?