Rachel Jenkins

Fredericton, Canada

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Jul 12 at 11:51 AM

There is no quick fix for weight-loss. NO quick fix.

However, it is simple.

4 things:

  1. Movement. We are not designed to be sedentary beings sitting for most of the day. Movement (exercise) is essential - I could go into great detail and describe multiple reasons, but not in this post.

  2. Volume of Food & 3) Nutrient level of food.

These two are inextricably linked together.

Eating too much overloads the digestive (GI) tract. The body cannot function optimally/process food efficiently and effectively if it is overloaded, so it will store as fat, as well as back up the intestines creating a host of problems if this occurs regularly, including (but definitely not limited to): constipation, diarrhea, ibs, leaky gut, hemorrhoids, diverticulitis, chrohn's.

Our body needs nutrients, not volume. Therefore, the signal that we have eaten sufficient (are full) will be reached quickly with nutrient-packed food. On the contrary, it will take a long time to feel full with food of low nutritional value. Quality of food is very closely tied to soil health, which is why small organic producers and backyard gardening mostly produces much better quality food.

    1. Inflammation. The body stores fat to feed white blood cells that are constantly being produced to fight an inflammatory state within he body. So, it is essential to get an inflammatory state under control in order for weight-loss to occur. The gut lining is only one cell thick, and damage to it occurs very, very easily, creating an inflammatory state throughout the abdomen. There is far too much information to go into in one simple post here.


  1. Exercise regularly, choose to make it enjoyable not a chore, even if it part of your every day work.

  2. Buy and eat the best quality simple food that you can.

  3. Use a small plate, and wait 20 minutes before getting a second helping if you feel that you ate still hungry.

  4. Slow down your eating - take longer to chew.

  5. Take small bites at a time.

6,) The Japanese believe in eating only until 80% full - definitely worth the self-discipline if you really want to lose weight.



Jul 10 at 09:43 AM

Don't risk living with regrets. Today is all that is guaranteed.

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Mar 08 at 11:58 PM

Part of an incredible channel that I received last night: (I am still processing this!)

"This is also where fun comes into play, as having fun is what will very quickly restore your energy levels and frequency - this is a gift that was especially given to humans.

• Food nourishes your body.

• Meditation restores balance and tranquility.

• Nature creates harmony and synchronization.

• Music restores frequency and resonance.

• Fun elevates energy levels and consciousness.

Yes, we can see you are blown away - this (fun) is why laughter does 'cure' dis-ease. Laughter is the antithesis of disease!"



Feb 25 at 08:07 PM

I just had a lightbulb moment.

Atlantis is under Antarctica.

Explains why no one is allowed there. Explains the ice wall. Explains why they don't want the ice uncovering it and are spouting the fake climate change narrative, and why they want to cool the earth down to a ridiculously low level where human and plant life will not be able to exist. I just did a search online, and first website I open says that other scientists, including Einstein, believe(d) it to be Atlantis. The amazing power source they had will still exist under the ice.