South Bruce Peninsula, Canada

Yea it was so scary to me!

May 14 at 11:33 PM

I was bulemic and anorexite and bulemic bad when I was a teenager and still struggle with eating to this day! I also was addicted to laxatives because I never could poop, till I realized that what I had been tell other women friends of mine to just take magnesium and it will help so much!

Now I take a few magnesium every night before bed and poop every day like a well oiled machine. Maybe if I had of followed my own advice.

Apr 29 at 12:55 PM

Wow that so interesting! ☀️♥️💯🙏

Apr 27 at 07:18 PM

Sorry I just seen this comment from you! They seem more bright white and fluffier! The sky also seems brighter blue in colour.


Apr 24 at 05:14 PM

Ya they have been different in Ontario Canada 🇨🇦 too!

Apr 24 at 05:08 PM

UNIFYD TV can I ask you if there is anyway that we could have or makes a Location, where we can go that plots where we are on the map so we can be in contact with people that have similar light and love inside them, but only if the person would like to have themself in a list or on a map of of who lives in their providence or state or however it is grouped in their country! There is so many light and love people so it’s hard to read through them all! Congrat to everyone who has been strong and open to our light and love community, we are all coming together bueatifully! Love you all so much!


Apr 23 at 07:30 AM

Phil I never realized why I loved the number 13 when most people thought it was a bad number!

Apr 23 at 07:28 AM

Ty for all your support light and love!♥️🙏💯


Apr 10 at 10:22 AM

Hi ladies and fellas who like to chat and live somewhat near the Bruce Peninaula. I would love to get together and chat with someone who has an understanding of what this group is all about! Love and Bright light to you all! ♥️☀️💯

Apr 08 at 09:40 PM