GOD IS REAL!!!!!!! 💯🙏🏽💪🏽

Holyhead, United Kingdom


Apr 28 at 11:48 AM

sara kind of looks like a UFO or something might have been going up in through there.. looks kind of weird


Apr 28 at 11:47 AM

sara those kind of lookike holes in the sky, definitely in anomaly and weird looking.. thanks for the photos!


Apr 28 at 11:43 AM

Ashley Hileman yeah check him out.. he was demonetized, slandered and censored and basically shunned for many type of real science but you can find him on Facebook, Google search, YouTube, and many other platforms but yeah it is definitely a good read. Very interesting.. My question is though, why did they try to silence him? Usually people get silence because they have information that could be vital to bringing the truth to a certain situation in humanity and possibly even light.. definitely worth looking into. Glad you enjoyed.


Apr 27 at 06:13 PM

Dana Carter physically decalcifying your pineal gland I guess would have to be with whatever methods they use for that or whatever you've been doing already but the pineal gland has nothing to do with changing your perception.. 2 different things. I was referring to our reality to be a prison because we are spirit by nature and physical by second nature so the only way to get out of this cesspool Is to change your perception and elevate your consciousness and awareness and meditation, mindfulness, uplifting music, sunlight, and really just spirituality in general but if you work on both of those you will be a spiritual superhero!

Apr 27 at 06:03 PM

T@B¹¹¹ and let me know when you email me so I can check my email because I rarely check it unless I know something important is going to be in it

Apr 27 at 06:02 PM

T@B¹¹¹ taber.. I got a new phone and forgot to transfer your number and factory reset my old phone and gave it to a friend that didn't have one so email me So we can exchange numbers again because I don't want to put my cell phone number on this platform for the public to see.. email me at fathertyme109@gmail.com

Apr 27 at 06:00 PM

Apr 27 at 05:26 PM

Apr 27 at 05:25 PM

PowellJam11 I think it will be well before 10 years but I think progress is going to get slowed down due to near future events that are going to be catastrophic to humanity and hopefully the time of darkness doesn't last very long but I fear that it is amongst us and slowly creeping into our reality.